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Westlake Tires

Westlake Tires are entry-level budget tires known for their wide range of choices and competitive pricing. The Westlake list of tires includes sporty high performance tires, touring tires, all-terrain tires, commercial tires and more.

Tire dealers often sell Westlake tires as a budget brand for customers who prefer to avoid the high costs of the big name tires. Westlake provides comfort and performance for all kinds of vehicles, from passenger cars to vans, SUV's, crossovers, and light trucks. Westlake also makes tires for larger trucks and buses.

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The Westlake SV308

Westlake SV308 tires are All Season high performance tires with an aggressive tread design that is beautiful to the eye and impressive on the road. These tires have V and W speed ratings designed especially for cars built to for very high-speed performance. As you might guess, everyday drivers commuting at normal highway speeds will still enjoy the precision handling characteristics of the SV308.

Westlake SV308 tires have a V-shaped directional tread designed to optimize traction in all season weather by evacuating the road water in front of the tires and expelling it out the sides. The two deep vertical grooves add additional control in wet conditions, and along with the strong center rib, the tread pattern provides stability at high speed. The crossed sipes on the tire shoulders enhance all weather cornering, and they also look great when the vehicle is standing still.

The SV308 rubber compound is made with silicon dioxide as a substitute for the carbon black used in most tire compounds. Tires need to be black for protection against deterioration in strong sunlight. The silicon dioxide rich compound not only keeps these tires protected, but it also enhances their flexibility in cold weather and wet conditions, which translates into better traction and performance. As a result, the SV308 boasts better rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption, increased traction, and shortened braking distances.

Who Makes Westlake Tires?

China’s largest tire manufacturer, the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company, makes Westlake tires. These tires meet all U.S. federal safety requirements. [X]

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