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A Buyer’s Guide to Arroyo Tires

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Arroyo Tires might not be as well-known as certain tire companies, but that shouldn’t steer you away from their products. This tire brand is relatively new, and they’re using the latest technology to bring high-quality, innovative tire designs to the market.

Unlike many tire companies, Arroyo doesn’t cut corners to spit out dozens of tires at super low prices. Instead, they’re focusing on pushing the boundaries of tire production while still offering competitive prices. They’re all about premium tires that are simple, modern, and affordable for the average driver.

In this buyer’s guide, we want to tell you more about this up-and-coming brand, as well as list some of their best tires. Tires Easy carries Arroyo Tres, and we want our customers to know just how valuable these products are.

Arroyo Tires: A Brand Built on Innovation

Before we start throwing out tire names and Arroyo Tires prices, we want to talk a little bit more about what has made Arroyo Tires the brand it is today.

Arroyo Tires came to the market with a few goals. They wanted to provide:

  • The best quality and safety features.
  • Advanced tire technology.
  • Superior handling and braking capabilities.
  • Low noise levels and enhanced comfort.

Additionally, Arroyo Tires has emphasized its desire to reduce environmental impacts with more eco-friendly tires. They are dedicated to precision and innovation, but they also want the average driver to be able to afford their tires.

Are Arroyo Tires Good?

When you begin to browse products from Arroyo Tires, you’ll likely be surprised at their limited selection – but don’t let that be a negative factor. There’s a reason they aren’t cranking out tons of different tires all at once.

Arroyo Tires makes fewer styles of tires, but the tires they do produce are high in quality and thoughtful in design. You can expect to see new technology in their products, rather than outdated, overused tech taken from other companies.

So, in short, the answer is yes: Arroyo Tires offers top-tier products that we can get behind. Now let’s talk about exactly which of their tires we’re more likely to recommend.

Our Top Arroyo Tires Picks at Tires Easy

Considering Arroyo Tires quality, there are several products we recommend to Tires Easy drivers. Whether you’re looking for Arroyo sport tires or an eco-friendly option, we’ve got you covered.

Eco Pro A/S

First on our list is an Arroyo all-season tire, the Eco Pro A/S. This product features:

  • A three-center tread rib design for enhanced steering stability and straight-line performance.
  • Tread patterns that provide extra grip and water excavation with varying depths.
  • Four wide circumferential grooves for superior water evacuation.
  • Outer edge tread patterns that reduce road noise and extend the tire’s lifetime.

Overall, we consider the Eco Pro A/S to be an excellent tire choice for the environmentally conscious driver. It’s budget-friendly, and it comes with a 55K warranty, so you can feel confident in your buying decision.

This tire starts at the price of $45/each.

Eco Pro H/T

Our next Tires Easy pick is the Arroyo Eco Pro H/T – a highway tire that performs extremely well in wet weather. It offers:

  • A center rib design that supports extra stability.
  • Zigzag grooves with alternate direction sipes for excellent handling.
  • Wide circumferential grooves that evacuate water quickly and prevent hydroplaning.
  • Outer grooves for responsive cornering and noise reduction.

Our tire experts often recommend the Eco Pro H/T to shoppers on the hunt for an Arroyo all-season tire that functions well on highways and fits SUVs and light trucks. The first 45K miles are covered under warranty.

This tire starts at the price of $63/each.

Grand Sport A/S

Another excellent Arroyo all-season tire we’d recommend is the Grand Sport A/S. This performance tire offers excellent stability and traction, as well as:

  • Four wide grooves that quickly evacuate water.
  • Outer shoulder with eccentric wear belts for increased road contact.
  • Minimal wear and strong cornering capabilities.

Arroyo all-season tires are generally great for drivers who want a versatile, long-lasting tire. The Grand Sport A/S comes equipped with a 55K-mile warranty.

This tire starts at the price of $63/each.

Grand Sport 2

Next, let’s touch on the Grand Sport 2 from Arroyo. This is an ultra-high performing all-season tire that offers:

  • A smooth center tread for maximum grip.
  • Two ribs with curved grooves.
  • Sipes that quickly evacuate water from the tread.
  • Optimized braking and handling capabilities.

We recommend this tire to passenger vehicles that require a little extra grip and performance capabilities. It comes with a 55K-mile warranty.

This tire starts at the price of $43/each.

Ultra Sport A/S

If you drive a high-powered vehicle and like to take things fast, you’ll want to take a look at the Arroyo Ultra Sport A/S. This all-season, high-performance features:

  • An advanced center tread pattern for excellent straight-line stability and high-speed control.
  • Twin longitudinal main grooves with 3D groove wall technology to prevent hydroplaning.
  • Reduced road noise and enhanced comfort.

Overall, the Arroyo Ultra Sport A/S offers superior responsive handling and control, along with a 45K-mile warranty.

This tire starts at the price of $94/each.

Tamarock A/T

Our second-to-last tire on this list is the Arroyo Tamarock A/T. This innovative, all-terrain tire offers great traction on various surfaces, as well as:

  • A center Z-shaped tread pattern for extra stability and traction.
  • Wide grooves to move mud, slush, and water away quickly.
  • Ribs with curved treads and deep grooves in opposing directions.
  • Noise reduction features and enhanced comfort.

This tire’s buyers receive a 50K-mile warranty, as well as the peace of mind knowing they’re driving one of our most recommended all-terrain tires.

This tire starts at the price of $187/each.

Tamarock M/T

Finally, we have the Tamarock M/T tire – an aggressive Arroyo mud tire built to provide top performance in mud, rain, and snow. It features:

  • Two aggressive center tread patterns for extreme grip.
  • Excellent traction on wet and loose terrains.
  • Wide grooves to expel water, wet materials, and stones.
  • Aggressive shoulder tread patterns.

We highly recommend this tire to off roaders who are looking for style plus performance in muddy, rocky and wet terrains. It comes with a 40K-mile warranty, something that is fairly unique in the mud-tire industry.

This tire starts at the price of $238/each.

Over to You

If this article hasn’t already done so, one look at an Arroyo Tires review will likely convince you that this is a brand worth considering. The company is all about quality and performance, and we hope it continues putting new technology at the forefront of all its product innovation.

Wondering who sells Arroyo Tires? Look no further than Tires Easy. We’re here to match you with a tire that fits your budget, lifestyle, and vehicle. If that’s not an Arroyo tire, we’ll find the option that does work.

You can purchase tires with us online, send us a message, or you can give us a call at 1-855-978-6789 for assistance. Our customer support helpline is available from 5 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday.

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