Cooper Evolution HT tires

The Votes Are In! Best All-season SUV Tires are Cooper Evolution HT Tires

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Every year at this time, people who are really, really into 4X4s, high performance, and everything to do with tires, get together for a massive industry trade-show in Las Vegas. One part of the 4-day show is for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) organizers to vote for the best new product from the thousands of products on display. This year, the panel of car and light truck tire industry expert judges selected Cooper Evolution HT tires as the best new all-season highway light truck and SUV tire.

Cooper Evolution HT tires fits any Pick-up or SUV

If you need tires for your pick-up truck or SUV, you want to take a close look at Cooper Evolution HT tires.  They are designed for use on city streets and the highway, and offer “outstanding” grip, stability and comfort.  One of the features that make this tire stand-out from other light truck and SUV tires is the StabilEdge Technology.  Cooper’s patented StabilEdge Technology gives the tire enhanced handling and dry tracking stability.  Here is a short video (courtesy of Cooper Tires in Australia) that shows how StabilEdge works.

Cooper Evolution HT tires also feature Micro-Gauge sipes to help maintain wet traction and superior handling on slippery road surfaces. Finally, Cooper Evolution HT tires are designed to last, backed by a 60,000-mile tread-wear warranty.

Cooper Evolution HT tires Offer Excellent Value

Cooper Evolution HT Tires

Cooper Evolution HT Tires

Cooper Evolution H/T tires are moderately priced.   Given their price, the quality, the 60,000 mile warranty, and  overall performance of this tire, we think you’ll agree with the SEMA judges. The Cooper Evolution H/T tire is a winner, and a smart choice for the next time you need a new set of all-season highway tires for your pick-up or SUV.

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