5 Camping Destinations For Post Quarantine

5 Camping Destinations for Post Quarantine – and the Most Ideal All Terrain Tires

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Ready to get out of the house and sleep under an open sky? We don’t blame you – most of us have been cooped up for a while in our homes, working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As things are opening up, and it is deemed safe to travel again, many adventurers will be ready to escape their much-used homes and find a bit of fresh air in the wild outdoors.

That’s why we have rounded up five of the best continental U.S. camping destinations to check out post-quarantine (and the most ideal all terrain tires for the journey). These will give you the thrill and freedom you’re dying for after so many days locked inside waiting for the pandemic to subside.

To ensure you’re safe and can traverse any of the terrain on these quests for camping, we’ve recommended some of the best AT tires for these outdoor environments. These off-road tires will equip your vehicle with the attributes it needs to navigate rough terrains and other challenges you’ll face in the wild.

1. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend National Park Texas

Why You Should Camp Here

First on our list is Big Bend, a somewhat hidden gem nestled around the Rio Grande on the border of Texas and Mexico. Although this is one of the less-visited national parks, Big Bend is truly a wonder to behold. Soaring cliffs, beautiful river water, and cool desert nights await you here.

If you really want to exchange the feel of regular civilization for something a little more out there, this park has exactly what you need. Sleep under a sky full of brilliant stars, accompanied by the sound of wildlife and flowing waters.

The Road and Weather Conditions

Big Bend is a desert mountain range. Therefore, you need to be prepared for rocky, difficult roads, as well as plenty of dust, sharp rocks, and prickly plants.

Because the park is so large (1,200+ square miles), you’ll spend a decent amount of time in your car. There’s only one gas station in the whole park, so make sure your vehicle is getting good gas mileage and is up to the challenge of rocky, isolated roads.

The Best AT Tires for Big Bend National Park

1. Uniroyal Laredo AWT3

This AT has many of the attributes you need when visiting Big Bend National Park: solid grip, aggression, stiffness, and water channeling capabilities for the occasional encounter with rain or the Rio Grande.

The Uniroyal Laredo AWT3 comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, so you can trust you’ll get a lot of life out of this tire. Tru-last technology on the tire minimizes its treadwear, gives you better stability, and increases overall performance in a variety of road conditions.

This tire’s price starts at $58.


2. Radar Renegade A/T

This all-terrain tire has the aggressive, sophisticated capabilities you will need as you make your way through the vast open spaces of your Big Bend trip. The Radar Renegade is excellent at ejecting stones from the tread – something you’ll definitely need in this rocky environment.

Whether you encounter wet or dry roads, this tire will stay stiff and responsive thanks to its carefully designed sidewalls. Feel safe and secure as you traverse rainy roads, dusty desert paths, and gravel trails.

This tire’s price starts at $63.


3. Presa AT-Pro PJ88

This is a true all-terrain tire. The circumferential grooves assist with evacuating water and slush away from the tire’s footprint and reduce your risk of hydroplaning.

On your trip to Big Bend, you’ll need a tire that provides excellent traction, and this one does the job. It also has a stiff carcass that improves off-road stability, should you decide to do some exploring on your own.

Experience precise braking, handling, and driving stability while staying comfortable and safe, no matter where you roam.

This tire’s price starts at $71.



2. Minnewaska State Park, New York

Minnewaska State Park New York


Why You Should Camp Here

Looking for somewhere to go in the northeastern part of the country? Minnewaska State Park Preserve is situated in the Shawangunk Mountain ridge and features beautiful, rugged backdrops. Hike to waterfalls, bike around the park’s gorgeous scenery, and once you’re done, check out New York City just an hour and a half away.

If you’re really up for a challenge, use your camping trip at Minnewaska as an excuse to hike Sam’s Point Preserve, the highest section of the Shawangunk Mountains.

The Road and Weather Conditions

Depending on when you visit Minnewaska State Park Preserve, the conditions can change dramatically. During the winter, snow and ice blanket the entire area, making driving conditions a bit intimidating.

In the summer, the park is a different place with warm temperatures, swimmable lakes and ponds, and beautiful green foliage.

The Best AT Tires for Minnewaska State Park

1. Starfire SF LT 510

This M+S rated tire fits most pick-ups and has a modern, 5-rib tread style that offers superb grip. The tire has a uniform, balanced pressure distribution that offers even wear and traction.

Should it rain while you’re in Minnewaska State Park Preserve camping, don’t worry – this light truck tire that can take it. The wide footprint, dual tread arc gives you superior handling and grip on any road in front of you.

This tire’s price starts at $74.


2. Federal Couragia A/T

Well balanced and tough, this all-terrain tire provides a surprisingly quiet ride that’s perfect for an enjoyable trip through the state park. The silica tread compound and pattern allows for excellent handling at high speeds, as well as good water evacuation.

Should you decide to do a little off-roading, the wide-angled lateral grooves will enhance your traction and give you a great performance.

This tire’s price starts at $82.


3. Armstrong Tru-Trac AT

This all-terrain, all-season tire is perfect for a variety of light trucks and SUVs. You’ll quickly note the zigzag circumferential grooves, which give you excellent grip on the road and quickly evacuate water, mud, and slush.

The Armstrong Tru-Trac AT is great for both off-roading and regular driving, so if you’re road tripping to your campsite, you can feel secure on whatever route you take. The rugged casing improves high-speed stability and allows you to steer with precision.

This tire’s price starts at $83.



3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park Wyoming


Why You Should Camp Here

Do we even really need to tell you why Yellowstone National Park is on this list? More than four million people visit the park every single year – and for good reason. It’s plain gorgeous.

Although you can always check out one of the park’s most popular public campsites, you can also take the challenge of exploring the park’s 2-million-acre backcountry. You’ll need a permit to do this, but after such a difficult quarantine, many might be interested in the chance to go beyond the usual limits of human exploration in Yellowstone.

The Road and Weather Conditions

Considering that it usually takes about an hour to get from one major point of the park to the next, you’ll spend a lot of time in the car while exploring. You’ll need a vehicle that can handle long distances, as well as encounters with the park’s resident bison and other wildlife.

If you visit during the winter months, remember that Yellowstone gets extremely cold. You’ll likely need a truck/SUV that has four-wheel drive to handle the challenging road conditions, marked with M + S or Three-Peak Mountain snowflake symbol.

The Best AT Tires for Yellowstone National Park

1. Westlake SL369

This tire has the kind of rugged appearance that perfectly suits a Yellowstone road trip. It’s quiet and provides a comfortable ride, but it also has rigid tread blocks that offer strength when off-roading and braking.

Additionally, the Westlake SL369 handles dry, wet, muddy, and light snowy conditions easily. This is perfect for a park like Yellowstone, which can have such different weather conditions at different times of the year. Aggressive sidewall protectors help prevent damage, so even if you drive over sticks and rocks, your tires are safe.

This tire’s price starts at $83.


2. Laufenn X FIT AT

This all-terrain tire is made for SUVs/light trucks and gives an outstanding off-road performance, so no matter when you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone or what route you take, you can trust that it will keep you on the road safely.

The four wide circumferential grooves on the Laufenn X Fit drain water when you encounter it, so rain or shallow rivers are no problem for your vehicle. The zigzag block edge design also gives you extra traction when you need it in dry or muddy conditions. You can even tackle snow safely with this tire.

This tire’s price starts at $83.


3. Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2

Made for various light trucks, this aggressive all terrain tire has some pretty beefed up sidewalls and tread protection – just what you want when you’re driving on rough roads through a massive national park.

The Lionclaw ATX2 provides a comfortable, quiet ride even as it battles rough terrain conditions. You’ll be surprised by how enjoyable this tire makes your road trip, despite its rugged appearance.

This tire’s price starts at $84.


4. Assateague Island Campgrounds, Maryland

Assateague Island Campgrounds Maryland

Why You Should Camp Here

Does the phrase “wild ponies” pique your interest? We thought so.

This beautiful seashore area near Maryland and Virginia is home to a beautiful herd of wild ponies. Pitch your tent at one of the oceanfront Assateague campgrounds for beautiful, wide open spaces and access to wonderful forest trails.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the herd of iconic ponies make their yearly swim across the bay, usually in late July.

The Road and Weather Conditions

We recommend visiting Assateague Island State Park in the late springtime or summer – you’ll definitely want to experience the beach during its peak season. Although you could visit during early spring or the fall, weather can be a hit or miss – you might wind up facing a great deal of rainy, wet conditions.

The Best AT Tires for Assateague Campgrounds

1. Ironman All Country A/T

Looking for great water evacuation and excellent grip when visiting Assateague Island? The Ironman All Country A/T has what you need. It gives you just the right off and on-road performance to visit a place like Assateague.

Worried about rain on road trips in Maryland? This tire can easily handle mud, rain, and snow while still providing reliable traction. The large tread blocks and deep grooves continuously provide superior grip.

This tire’s price starts at $86.


2. Lexani Terrain Beast AT

Want a smooth, quiet ride and exceptional all-terrain performance? This might be the perfect tire for you. It can take on severe weather conditions like rain and mud, but it still handles water dispersement with ease.

Note the unilateral center rib. This ensures stability and a secure ride, whether you’re on the highway or driving through the dirt roads of a campground. This truly is an all-terrain tire that lives up to its name.

This tire’s price starts at $87.


3. Vee Rubber Taiga A/T

Made for light trucks and SUVs, this tire promotes all-weather traction and maintains its grip on soft, loose, or uneven terrain. When visiting a beachy area, you definitely want a tire that can handle moving sand.

Large two-row and shoulder blocks provide exceptional cornering, acceleration, and braking capabilities. Plus, the circumferential grooves help evacuate any water or mud from the tire’s footprint.

This tire’s price starts at $87.


5. Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

Ozark National Forest Arkansas

Why You Should Camp Here

No, Ozark isn’t just the name of a show. The Ozark National Forest covers over 1.2 million acres of land in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. It offers stunning scenery, especially during the warmer months, and provides access to some truly awesome campsites.

One of the main attractions in the Ozark forest is the set of nearby caverns, but its 400 miles of hiking trails also draw campers from near and far. Not into surveying the scenery? Fish, kayak, canoe, bike, or climb your way around the forest.

The Road and Weather Conditions

Even during the summer months, Ozark National Forest can get pretty chilly at night. You’ll need to prepare for warm days followed by cold nights on an Arkansas road trip, as well as the occasional rain shower.

In the wintertime, the forest can see snow almost half a dozen times each month, making it a bit less enjoyable for some travelers to vacation in the Ozarks, Arkansas.

The Best AT Tires for Ozark National Forest

1. Travelstar Ecopath AT

The Travelstar Ecopath AT is made for SUVs and pickup trucks, but it isn’t all about being rough and tough. It will give you the smooth, quiet ride you want as you enter the sanctuary of the trees and hunt down the must-sees in the Ozarks.

Circumferential and lateral grooves help this Travelstar tire evacuate water and slush away from the tire’s footprint, so if you were to run into any rain or mud while in the Ozarks, you’ll still have good grip.

This tire’s price starts at $89.


2. Atlas Priva AT

Looking for easy steering as you explore Ozark national forest attractions? The Atlas Priva AT has all-terrain pattern blocks that ensure you can confidently handle your vehicle both on and off the road.

The aggressive sidewall protectors located near the tire’s shoulders serve as a self-cleaning feature. Plus, they provide great grip should you decide to hit the road less traveled. The compound’s formula satisfies wear resistance, gives you great grip in wet conditions, and minimizes the tire’s noise level.

This tire’s price starts at $89.


3. Kenda Klever A/T KR28

Last but not least, we want to suggest the Kenda Klever A/T when you drive to Arkansas. This tire has an additional layer of protective rubber on it, which enhances tire pressure stability and air retention.

With a long-lasting wear, the tire’s unique tread design and aggressive sidewall warrants traction for all conditions, but not at the expense of your comfort or handling capabilities.

This tire’s price starts at $92.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has given you some excellent inspiration for your post-quarantine camping trip. All of these sites would make for a wonderful break from the mundane aspects of life.

Are you planning to get out and breathe a little fresh air after staying inside? Be sure to research the openness of the locations you will visit.

In order to be your safest, be prepared by packing:

• Hand sanitizer
• Sanitizing wipes or spray
• Masks – each state, county and even city can have different regulations
• Disposable gloves
• Soap and water
• Thermometer – just in case
The beauty of a road trip and camping trip is it allows you to social distance while still enjoying a great adventure.

AAA Road Restriction App – interactive road closure/restriction map of the United States due to Covid-19.
CDC List of State Health Departments for latest Covid data by state.

If you’re hoping to make one of these road trips but aren’t sure if you have the right AT tires for the job, talk to us. An expert at Tires Easy will guide you toward the right tire for your vehicle, destination, and adventurous plans.

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