Top 10 tire brands 2019

Best Tire Brands 2019: A List of the Top 10 Tire Brands

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When it comes time to buy new tires, there are always burning questions like:

“What are good tire brands?”

“What are the best tires for my car?

“Which tire company is best?”

“What makes some brands better than others?”

Truth be told, the answers are not always cut and dry. Moreover, the top tire manufacturers have a great deal of fluctuation for different needs.

While it might not seem like an overly glamourous purchase, good tires are an investment to help keep you safe on the road and make driving a bit easier.

Looking at the entire spectrum of auto parts, tires have, by far, the most variation. There are so many factors that go into buying the perfect set for your vehicle and unique driving needs. If you look through any catalog of certain tire companies/best car tires, there are different tiers in terms of price.

In this piece, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 tire brands on the market based on key aspects related to performance, tread life, price, risk factor, and overall quality. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the best tire brands list.

1. Michelin

Michelin Tire Brand LogoMichelin, instantly recognized by its white, marshmallow-looking mascot, is a French tire company with a history that dates back to 1889. These days, Michelin is widely recognized as one of the top tire brands in the world with options for everything from bicycles all the way to jumbo jets. Over the years, Michelin has built a reputation for using top grade rubber to help deliver exceptional fuel economy in each tire.

When it comes to the best tire brands, we chose Michelin as number one for many reasons. Most prominently, our decision came down to the well-balanced performance with incredibly low risk factors.

The experts at Michelin run research centers around the planet working every day to fine tune the brand’s exclusive tire designs. Research starts with the testing and observation of motorsport tires. The experts then apply their findings to everyday applications to formulate the best car tires for everyday drivers.

To learn more, here are more videos from Michelin.

It’s often said that truck tires are the backbone of a big tire company. That said, Michelin’s primary offerings at Tires Easy include:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Commercial Truck

From all the Michelin Tires we have, here are some of the most recommended ones in different categories.

All-season: Michelin Defender

Made by one of the best tire brands, this all-season touring tire is built to serve many different purposes. Ideal for family cars, minivans, and small crossovers, the Defender provides incredible fuel economy in accordance with Michelin’s Green-X low rolling resistance objectives.

The construction of this tire is meant to deliver long tread wear and an exceptionally comfortable ride on wet, dry, and wintery conditions.


Highway: Michelin Premier LTX

A newer model, the Premier LTX is designed for trucks, SUVs, and larger crossovers with advanced technology to deliver a quiet ride with low rolling resistance. The innovative design adds exceptional responsiveness and fuel economy.

For extra driver confidence, the tire’s Evergrip Technology provides shorter stopping ability on wet roads, even after significant wear.


All-terrain: Michelin LTX A/T

For truck and SUV drivers who spend a decent amount of time off the paved roads, the LTX A/T is a fantastic option that provides versatile capabilities both on and off road. This model is built with an independent tread block design from a light rubber compound.

Additionally, the signature Michelin Biting Edge provides outstanding traction on mud, snow, and ice for one of the best car tires you can find!


Run Flat: Michelin Primacy MXM4

This model works to solidify Michelin as one of the best tire brands in the industry. It is designed for luxury sedans and coupes combining handling and traction in all weather conditions.

The Primacy MXM4 brings incredible noise reduction and comfort to run flat capability. Additionally, the responsive handling and fuel economy of this tire makes it an ideal choice for year-round driving!


Snow: Michelin Latitude X-Ice

This tire is one of Michelin’s premier studless winter

models for trucks and SUVs. The construction combines the capability for snow/ice with superior handling on wet and dry roads.

This tire comes with the Mountain/Snowflake symbol, meaning it is suited for severe winter conditions.


Commercial: Michelin Agilis

The Agilis is ideal for light van commercial applications. The powerful carcass construction is meant to handle heavy loads and provide excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions. As a commercial tire, the design is meant to provide extra-long tread life and a quiet ride.

When you are shopping around for the best tire brands, it’s always good to understand how to rate car tires. Before you make a purchase, be sure to look up the brand and tire model on

Here are the tire ratings for Michelin. Additionally, you want to be sure to look into customer reviews for your particular tire to get a better idea of how it matches up to your goals.

2. Goodyear

Goodyear Tire Brand Logo

Goodyear, one of the most trusted American tire companies, is a staple in the industry and is currently ranked as the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Apart from their iconic blimp and close ties to NASCAR, the name Goodyear has become synonymous with quality. This concept has led Goodyear products to being one of the best tire brands for professional racers and everyday commuters alike.

There’s a good reason why Goodyear is the preferred tire for NASCAR. That reason is durability. Racing vehicles typically travel at speeds upwards of 200 mph and need the best car tires available.

Goodyear tires have been long praised for their exceptional wear – a criterion that is based on Consumer Report’s tread wear test. Additionally, Goodyear has earned its reputation as one of the best tire brands for tenacious grip and outstandingly responsive handling.

To learn more, check out Goodyear’s YouTube channel.

Goodyear can from humble beginnings as a bicycle tire manufacturer. Nowadays, the brand has options for all sorts of categories and applications including:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Trailer
  • Commercial Truck
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Golf Cart
  • Construction
  • Farming

So which are the best car tires in Goodyear’s extensive catalog?

All-season: Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

The Assurance Fuel Max is one of Goodyear’s top all-season tires built for sedans, coupes, and minivans. As the name suggests, the design of this tire is focused on providing excellent fuel economy.

The highly optimized tread pattern is made with a special compound to reduce rolling resistance and boost efficiency.

To put it in perspective, this model has proven to provide energy savings of up to 2,600 miles’ worth of gas throughout the life of four tires!

Highway: Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

This model is one of Goodyear’s most prestigious highway tires. Built for pickup trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and sporty utility vehicles, this model is available in many different sizes through Tires Easy.

The construction of this tire is engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness on all sorts of roads, including gravel and light snow.


All-terrain: Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT

As one of the best car tires on the market, this model is about as versatile as you can get. The Trailrunner performs excellent on the highway all the way to rugged off-road terrains, thanks to the large interlocking tread blocks. Originally launched in 2016, this tire line has carved out a reputation for toughness and superior handling.

The design is intended to provide rugged off-road traction, as well as comfort and mileage for highway driving.


Run Flat: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric A/S ROF

Built by one of the top tire brands, this all-season radial run flat tire is built for exceptional steering responsiveness, as well as cornering stability and traction.

The TredLock Technology adds strong, biting edges for unbeatable traction on both wet and dry roads – making it one of the best car tires in the run flat category.


Mud: Goodyear Fierce Attitude M/T

This model is one of the many reasons why Goodyear is among the best tire brands. It proudly features the innovative Rim Flange protector, a feature that shields rims from all sorts of potential damage from off-road driving.

The rugged mug terrain tread pattern provides strong traction in deep mud while the staggered shoulder blocks add grip on treacherous roads.


Snow: Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT

For winter traction that won’t let you down, the Ultra Grip Ice WRT model is among the best car tires that will provide you with the capability you need to tackle the toughest roads.

The design is made with two-dimensional blades in the center for extra starting and stopping power.

This model comes with the Mountain/Snowflake symbol, indicating capability for the most severe winter roads.


Commercial: Goodyear Cargo

Designed for fantastic highway capability, the Cargo is built with deep tread

s, staggered tread blocks, and semi-open shoulders for extra-long tire life.

Additionally, the construction is meant to result in even wear, low noise, and exceptional stability.


Trailer: Goodyear Marathon

When it comes to trailer applications, Goodyear is one of the top tire brands. The Marathon is a highly versatile option for all kinds of trailer applications. Built for extra-long drives, this tire comes with a scientifically-engineered tread pattern that provides an extra smooth ride.

In addition to longevity, the Marathon is built with a durable sidewall to withstand tough jobs at a great value.


Lawn & Garden/Golf Cart: Goodyear Soft Trac

The Soft Trac is built with a button tread design and a wide footprint to provide excellent traction on turf and grass.

The construction of this tire creates low ground bearing pressure to make any job incredibly easy and smooth.


Construction: Goodyear Sure Grip Lug I-3

This Goodyear model has been a go-to option for industrial construction equipment for a long time. The broad, overlapping digs provide unbeatable grip and traction that won’t deteriorate!


Farming: Goodyear Power Torque

One of the newer Goodyear models, this tire is built to handle the toughest agricultural jobs you can imagine.

The durable, sturdy construction is equipped to manage extremely rough conditions without straining, tearing, or breaking. Needless to say, this model is a favorite in the farming community!

Before making any decisions on tire manufacturers, be sure you are looking at the Goodyear tire reviews and ratings.


3. Continental

Continental Tire LogoContinental is one of the best tire brands on the market with roots in Germany dating back to 1871. Over the course of a century and a half, Continental has become a trusted tire manufacturer for just about every type of passenger vehicle out there – ranging from high-end sports cars to motorcycles.

Continental is well-known for providing some of the best car tires and specialized options for luxury vehicle brands like BMW and Mercedes.

For more information, check out Continental on YouTube!

Continental tires are famous for providing a healthy mix of handling and comfort. Additionally, the stopping distance on both wet and dry roads has earned acclaim across the board. The pricing of these products is typically a bit lower than some of the top tire brands, which is often an attraction based on the quality they provide.

As one of the best rated tire brands in the world, Continental’s top categories include:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Commercial Truck

Here are some of the most recommended Continental Tires in different categories.

All-season: Continental TrueContact Tour

The TrueContact is one of the most well-known all-season tires on the market. The EcoPlus technology works to provide unbeatable tread wear and fuel efficiency on wet, dry, and wintery roads. In fact, this model adds a 27% improvement in wear from the original TrueContact line.


Highway: Continental ContiTrac

The ContiTrac is an incredibly robust highway model for trucks and SUVs. The innovative tread pattern and rubber formula performs impeccably on wet, dry, and snowy roads while offering a balanced driving experience with extra-long tread wear.


All-terrain: Continental TerrainContact A/T

One of Continental’s best car tires for all-terrain driving, this model offers trucks and SUVs a perfect balance of on and off-road capability.

While the aggressive open tread pattern provides excellent off-road grip, the patented Eco-Plus Technology offers great long mileage and fuel economy for on-pavement driving.

The EcoPlus, combined with the brand’s ComfortRide Technology, works to provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience on all sorts of roads. This tire is clear proof that Continental is one of the top tire brands on the market.


Sport: Continental CrossContact UHP

Awesome sport tires are one of the attributes that place Continental among the best tire brands in the industry. The CrossContact UHP is one of the best car tires for high performance on the market.

The asymmetrical tread pattern is specially designed for heavy acceleration and quick braking capabilities.

Built for excellent all-season grip and responsive handling, this model offers trucks and SUVs with an exceptional driving experience on wet and dry roads alike.

Run Flat: Continental ContiProContact SSR

The “SSR” indicates that the sidewalls on this tire are heavily reinforced to support the vehicle for up to 50 miles after a significant puncture.

Additionally, this model is built with advanced polymers within the tread rubber to provide exceptionally confident handling on all sorts of roads.

The ContiProContact offers outstanding all-season capability, low rolling resistance, and fuel economy – making it an ideal choice for drivers who want to play it safe, yet not compromise on value!

Snow: Continental WinterContact SI

This tire is a fantastic passenger model designed with Continental’s PolarPlus Technology for unrivaled grip on icy, snowy, and wet roads.

The PolarPlus is a rubber compound built with high silica content mixing natural and synthetic rubber.

In addition to this winter technology, the WinterContact SI has variable depth sipes on both shoulders to help the driver identify irregular wear and other mechanical problems.

Commercial: Continental VancoFourSeason

Built for all-season highway capability, this tire is a highly effective solution for vans, SUVs, and medium duty trucks on long drives.

The unique construction of this tire works to provide a smooth and quiet ride in a multitude of conditions with improved resistance to hydroplaning.

Lastly, as what is essential for long road trips, the sidewall design is specially made to increase comfort on the road!

As always when comparing the best tire brands, be sure you are taking a thorough look into tire reviews and ratings of Continental’s extensive catalog before you buy!

4. BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich Tire LogoBF Goodrich is another one of the top tire brands originating in America. With a rich history that goes back more than 115 years, BF Goodrich is a brand known for creating the best car tires to enhance the driving experience.

The engineers working behind the scenes are known to spend their weekends off-roading, racing, and getting into all kinds of motorsports. This is to help bridge the gap between passion and work to provide customers with tires that make driving fun!

For more information on BF Goodrich, check out their YouTube Channel.

As one of the best tire brands in the industry, BF Goodrich’s emphasis is firmly focused on performance car and truck/SUV tires. The brand has earned a name for itself as one of the top tire companies for off-roading.

The innovative tire designs, paired with uncompromised quality, leaves drivers with an incredibly trustworthy product that can handle the toughest terrains and driving styles without fail.

BF Goodrich offers numerous tire models in the following categories:

  • Passenger
  • Truck SUV

Here are some of BF Goodrich’s best car tires.

All-season: BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport

This model is one of BF Goodrich’s finest. The model is designed with locking 3D Active Sipe Technology to add biting edges for excellent traction on wet roads and in light snow.

Additionally, the tire is built with silica-infused tread rubber featuring the new Aqua-Flume Technology for phenomenal grip! Combining all the elements of active sipes, rubber compounds, and full-depth tread, the life expectancy of these all-season tires is extremely high.


Highway: BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A Tour

Created for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the Long Trail T/A Tour assures drivers on the road with enhanced precision and handling with long-lasting wear in all-seasons.

The strategic siping and tread setup works to improve traction in rain and snow while retaining shape at highway speeds.


All-terrain: BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

This is a redesigned take on the original model with 20% tougher sidewalls to handle a diverse range of terrains. The KO2 proudly features race-tested CoreGard Technology and an innovative tread pattern that expands down the tire’s shoulder.

Perhaps the biggest update from the previous generation is added grip on loose terrain, improved protection in the upper sidewall, and of course, a sleek new look!


Mud: BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM 2

For those who crave fearless adventure, this tire is perfect for the most serious off-road enthusiasts! The cut and bruise-resistant construction minimizes hazards while allowing excellent comfort.

This robust model is built with twin steel belts within the sidewall for extra strength on the most treacherous roads in just about any weather condition.

Check out the best car tires reviews and ratings of BF Goodrich models before you make your purchase!

5. Bridgestone

Bridgestone Tire Brand LogoBridgestone, one of the top tire manufacturers, is rooted in two different companies; Firestone, founded in America in 1900, and Bridgestone, founded in Japan in 1931. The merger happened in 1988, which formed the largest tire and rubber manufacturing business on the planet!

Bridgestone has been widely praised for developing rayon cord tires, which changed the tire industry forever. They are also credited for introducing the radial tire construction!

To this day, Bridgestone has carved out a reputation among the top tire brands and one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Currently, the brand is devoted to reducing CO2 emissions, as well as using renewable resources for their products.

To learn more about Bridgestone and their innovation, check them out on YouTube!

Bridgestone offers an array of tire models on Tires Easy for the following categories:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUVs

Look below to learn more about several of Bridgestone’s best car tires.

All-season: Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

This all-season tire offers a dependable and versatile driving experience for minivans and sedans. Drivers continuously rave about the superior handling and comfort this model provides.

The eco-friendly design adds exceptional tread wear and fuel economy that provides up to 20 extra miles per tank!  


Highway: Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 ECOPIA

As one of Bridgestone’s premier highway tires, this model provides incredible comfort and handling to trucks and SUVs.

Originally designed for crossovers and sport utility vehicles, this model adds year round traction capabilities combined with patented NanoPro-Technology for minimal rolling resistance and energy loss.


All-terrain: Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO 2

This unique model is designed with a balanced tread pattern to deliver an extra comfortable ride on diverse terrains. This includes excellent performance on both pavement and off-road trails.

The open shoulder construction makes this tire a perfect choice for optimal handling on both wet and dry roads. Additionally, the inside notch and saw-tooth grooves add a great deal of traction in snowy weather.


Run Flat: Bridgestone Driveguard RFT

This high-performance run flat tire is one of the most practical replacement options you can find. In addition to the extended mobility, this model is built for extra-long tread life with a high resistance to punctures.

Combined with superior performance on wet and dry roads, the Driveguard RFT offers amazing fuel efficiency – making it one of the best car tires for peace of mind.


Sport: Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

The Dueler H/P Sport is designed to provide an excellent balance of comfort, handling, and extra-high performance.

The construction of this model features a long link carbon structure, meaning it is extremely resistant to chips, cracking, as well as common wear and tear.


Snow: Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

The Blizzak WS80 is one of the best-selling snow/winter tires on the market. The phenomenal traction and grip on ice makes this model ideal for winter safety and security.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of this tire is Bridgestone’s Multi-Cell Compound. This rubber is more porous and works to expel moisture away from the road to add contact and prevent hydroplaning.

Additionally, the zigzag sipes on this tire add stiffness control to allow more biting edges to increase stability.

Before you buy, make sure you are looking at the tire reviews and ratings for Bridgestone models and comparing them to the best tire brands.

6. Cooper

Cooper Tires Brand LogoThe Cooper Tire Company, one of the top tire brands based in America, was founded in 1914. They have remained dedicated to their mission from day one: Offer top quality tires at affordable prices. Originally, Cooper specialized in tire patches, tire cement, and repair kits.

Throughout the company’s existence, the Cooper logo has been (and still is) one of the most recognizable symbols in the tire industry.

Check Cooper out on YouTube to learn more!

Cooper has always lived up to its reputation of offering the latest technology and tire innovation in every single product.

For your money, Cooper stands above the pack in offering unique tire designs built to last. The engineers use specialized technical molds when creating tire tread for superior handling on all sorts of roads – whether it be wet, dry, snowy, or icy.

Similar to Bridgestone, Cooper has recently shown a strong commitment to sustainability in their manufacturing processes.

Cooper Tires offers a multitude of options for the following categories:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV

Here are some of the most recommended Cooper tires.

All-season: Cooper Evolution Tour

With Cooper being one of the best tire brands on the market, it’s no surprise that the Evolution Tour, one of their top all-season tires, is among the most popular models in the industry.

This tire is built with comfort, fuel efficiency, and reliable traction in mind. The Evolution Tour proudly features Cooper’s proprietary 3D Micro-Gauge siping technology, which ensures even wear throughout the tire’s long lifetime.

Moreover, the five-rib tread pattern combined with Cooper’s patented Stabiledge technology works to hold the tread steady and prevent hydroplaning. This inventive technology is a clear reason why Cooper is one of the best tire brands out there!

Highway: Cooper Evolution H/T

An award-winning option for light trucks and SUVs, the Evolution H/T is well known for providing smooth, quiet rides and exceptional handling.

Similar to Evolution Tour, the construction of this model is built with cutting-edge tire technology to enhance performance on wet and dry roads while ensuring long tread life. For highway driving, this is one of the best car tires you can buy.


All-terrain: Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

This all-weather, all-terrain tire is one of the top choices for both commuting and off-road adventures.

Built with Cooper’s Adaptive-Traction technology, the silica all-terrain compound and unique tread pattern enables you to handle just about any sort of path you need to navigate.

Additionally, equipped with the Mountain/Snowflake symbol, this model has been proven to have 20 feet shorter stopping distances than leading all-terrain models and accelerates 15 times faster on snow!


Sport: Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus

Designed with industry-leading tire technology, this model combines premium highway capability with high-performance abilities.

The sporty pattern adds excellent handling at higher speeds, as well as a quiet and comfortable ride on a variety of road conditions.


Mud: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

This model is one of the most technologically-advanced and capable mud tires you can buy. The innovative 3-ply ARMOR-Tek3 carcass adds 50% more protection than the standard 2-ply LT design.

The 3-2 block pattern of this model delivers incredible off-road grip on virtually any off-road trail you can imagine. Even with the hardcore off-road capabilities, this tire provides a decent performance on paved roads.

Lastly, the aesthetics of this tire make it one of the most visually appealing models on the market!

Snow: Cooper Evolution Winter

This winter tire is one of Cooper’s most contemporary designs. The studdable model reduces noise remarkably and the multi-angle sipes work to enhance grip on both wet and icy roads.

Additionally, the Snow Groove technology works to trap snow for excellent snow-on-snow traction. The Evolution Winter tire comes with the Three Peak Snowflake symbol, meaning it can handle severe wintery conditions.

Even though Cooper is one of the top rated tire manufacturers, you still want to look into the reviews and ratings before you make a purchase!

7. Falken

Falken Tire Brand LogoFalken, a Japanese company founded in 1983, is one of the newer tire manufacturers on the market. In its relatively short existence, Falken quickly earned a reputation as one of the best tire brands with some of the most dependable and versatile product lines out there.

With roots in the racing and motorsports industry, Falken prides itself on being able to bring high speed capabilities and handling to everyday drivers.

Falken specializes in high performance tires. Over the years, the company has expanded to provide touring tires with all-season capability, while maintaining the performance qualities that helped them earn their reputation.

To learn more about Falken and why it is among the best tire brands, take a look at their YouTube channel.

If you shop on Tires Easy, you can find Falken tires for these categories:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Commercial Truck

Here are some of the recommended Falken tires.

All-season: Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S

This unique Falken model is designed for extra-long mileage, grip on roads year-round, and excellent performance on sedans, CUVs, and sports cars. The Ziex ZE950 A/S features Dynamic Range technology with a brand new type of silica tread compound and an asymmetric tread design.

As one of the best tires Falken has to offer, this model is highly regarded for delivering excellent grip on wet, dry, snowy, and icy roads with incredibly long mileage.


Highway: Falken Wildpeak H/T

This tire is designed for light truck and SUV drivers who want a perfect combination of dry handling and extra responsiveness when it comes to braking on wet roads.

With a non-directional tread pattern, high tension casing, and stiff wide steel belts, this tire offers a perfect combination of control and durability with long tread life.


All-terrain: Falken Rubitrek A/T

This revered all-terrain model offers a fantastic balance of aggressive off-road ability with a smooth and comfortable ride on pavement.

The innovative tread design and silica compound works to provide long lasting wear with excellent traction in rain and snow. Built with Falken’s signature 3D Canyon Sipes, this tire stays cool at high speeds while maintaining its performance.

Lastly, this model is rated for severe snow with the Three Peak Mountain Snow symbol.


Sport: Falken FK-453CC

This tire design comes from deep roots in racing and competitive driving. As the latest generation of the summer sports tires, this Falken model features cutting-edge developments in noise absorption and a silica-enriched compound for excellent handling on wet and dry roads. The nylon-reinforced layered construction works to maintain optimal stability at high speeds.



Mud: Falken Wildpeak MT01

The Wildpeak line of Falken tires offers some of the best off-road traction on the market. Designed for the toughest terrain, like mud, sand, and severe snow, this tire is perfect for the most dedicated off-road enthusiasts.

The Wildpeak MT01 proudly features three-ply DURASPEC Sidewall Technology meant to provide unbeatable durability, while adding pulling power where it’s needed most.


Snow: Falken Espia EP-Z

The Espia EP-Z is an outstanding winter tire featuring canyon sipes coupled with micro-glass fiber rubber compounds for added grip.

The tread pattern on this model comes with wide center ribs for added braking capability on ice with increased road contact. The shoulder tread construction is built with lateral grooves to handle the toughest snow conditions in your way.

When shopping around for winter tires from the best tire brands, this one should be high on your list!


Commercial: Falken BI-877

This model is an extremely heavy duty option suited for frequent turns, stops, pick-ups, and deliveries. With a time-tested tread pattern built with interlocking center lugs and an open shoulder, this tire is one of the most reliable models on the commercial market.

Look into the tire reviews and ratings of Falken’s top models before you spend your money. You want to be sure they match up to your needs!


8. Pirelli

Pirelli Tire Brand LogoPirelli has been widely recognized as one of the best tire brands in the world since it launched in 1872 in Italy. With roots in Formula One racing, every single tire line the company produces is designed with exhaustive research and development for the best possible performance.

Pirelli is commonly paired with luxury vehicle brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. This alone should be enough to assure you that every tire is produced with the top quality materials and most innovative designs.

Pirelli built its reputation with ultra-high performance tire designs. With many years of experience providing top level products to the most well-known exotic vehicle brands, Pirelli’s stamp of quality translates perfectly to casual drivers and everyday performance.

Check out Pirelli’s YouTube channel to learn more!

Throughout Tires Easy’s extensive catalog, you will find Pirelli models for the following vehicle categories:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV

Check out some of the most recommended car tires from Pirelli.

All-season: Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus

When it comes to all-season tires, this model is one of the main reasons why Pirelli is one of the best tire brands around. Built for sedans, minivans, and coupes, the Four Seasons Plus is built with variable angle grooves and continuous central ribs that add a fantastic amount of control.

Constructed with more than 18 materials, the all-season performance is matched with high mileage and excellent handling all year round!


Highway: Pirelli Scorpion STR

This model has earned a good reputation for providing top notch handling abilities and a smooth ride at high speeds. The continuous central rib design creates even wear and great fuel economy.

Additionally, this tire comes with a deep street tread feature that adds a great deal of grip and stopping ability. The solid center rib combined with a special “Z” tread pattern works to cut down on noise while maintaining steering precision at all times.


All-terrain: Pirelli Scorpion All-terrain Plus

This innovative tire from one of the best tire brands offers a versatile design with incredible on and off road capabilities. The enhanced tread and upper sidewall designs work to add stability and a balanced performance.

Thanks to Pirelli’s unique tread compound, this tire is extremely durable and delivers great comfort without compromising functionality on treacherous roads.


Sport: Pirelli Scorpion Verde

This high performance tire is an excellent option that favors mother Earth. The eco-compatible “Green Performance” feature adds extra mileage while reducing noise.

The construction of this model boasts hard compounds and silica that ensures the tire lasts a long time while providing top tier stability.


Run Flat: Pirelli Cinturato P7

This model was Pirelli’s first to feature “Green Performance.” This run flat passenger tire is designed with a smart tread pattern, structure, and advanced materials to deliver outstanding, environmentally-friendly value!

Owing to this unique construction, the Cinturato P7 reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while providing an extra-long lasting tire.

Snow: Pirelli Scorpion Winter

The Scorpion Winter delivers a strong combination of traction on snow/ice with predictable handling in low temperatures – thanks to its silica components and tread rubber compound with a time-tested polymer blend.

Designed for luxury crossovers and sport utility vehicles, this tire is developed closely with Volkswagen and Porsche.

When analyzing the best tire brands, take a close look into the tire reviews and ratings of these Pirelli models before pulling out your wallet.

9. Toyo

Toyo Tires Brand Logo Toyo is one of the top tire companies on the market. Founded in Japan in 1945, the superior quality at mid-range price points have been a huge factor in building the brand’s reputation. While starting out as a value brand with a smaller catalog, Toyo has progressed into a major corporation with options for everything from passenger vehicles to commercial trucks.

Fun fact:  Toyo was the first Japanese tire company to launch a division in the United States and start selling their products in North America!

Learn more about Toyo on their YouTube channel!

Toyo has some of the best rated tires for extra-long tread life. The truck tires are known to have 40% longer tread lives than competitors. With durability being a cornerstone trait, Toyo specializes in designing long-lasting tires for all kinds of roads and driving needs.

Toyo offers many different options for the following categories through Tires Easy:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Commercial Truck

Below are several of the recommended Toyo Tires.

All-season: Toyo Extensa HP II

This new all-season tire is built with both performance and style in mind. The interlocking tread blocks provide optimal cornering and directional stability, while the solid center rib delivers exceptional straight-line stability.

Thanks to the four wide circumferential grooves, this model adds top tier wet traction as the unidirectional tread design provides excellent handling year round.


Highway: Toyo Open Country H/T

Designed with comfort and tip top performance as the focus, this tire is built with a new tread rubber formula created to add a longer tread life, as well as a remastered casing with three belts for added strength and rigidity.

If you drive a light truck, sports utility vehicle, or a crossover, this is one of the best on road tires you can buy!


All-terrain: Toyo Open Country A/T II

This tire proudly boasts 40% more tread life than leading competitors. The all-terrain capabilities of this model are perfect for those who spend a decent amount of time driving on paved roads, as well as occasional trips to muddy worksites, gravel roads, and dirt trails.

The design features a new type of tread rubber that balances durability, winter grip, and fuel economy.


Sport: Toyo Proxes ST III

The Proxes ST III delivers a fantastic balance of all-season capability and high performance. The innovative silica-based tread rubber and directional pattern provides consistent tread wear and added handling confidence.

For truck and SUV drivers, this is an option that won’t let you down!


Mud: Toyo Open Country M/T

The Open Country M/T is a rugged, heavy-duty mud tire built to withstand just about any off-road condition imaginable.

The open grooves and large tread blocks work to ensure outstanding traction on mud, snow, gravel, and even slippery rocks! If you are into off-roading, this model is definitely worth checking out!


Snow: Toyo Observe GSi-5

This studless passenger tire is designed for the most demanding winter conditions. The construction of this model employs a spider sipe meant to provide traction on ice and snow, while the saw toothed tread block edges work to greatly enhance braking ability.

Thanks to the advanced tread compound, lower temperatures do not inhibit the handling of this tire whatsoever. The Toyo GSi-5 comes with the Mountain/Snowflake symbol.


Commercial: Toyo M 143

Toyo is one of the best tire brands for commercial applications. The M 143 model is built with an advanced casing design to resist heat and maintain durability.

Additionally, the tread pattern works to improve fuel economy and reduce low-rolling resistance. As one of Toyo’s top models, this tire is perfect for regional and urban delivery applications.

Even with one of the top rated tire manufacturers, you always want to keep an eye on reviews and ratings before you make any buying decisions.


10. Yokohama

Yokohama Brand LogoYokohama is another one of the top tire brands out of Japan. Founded in 1917, Yokohama tires can be purchased all over the world to fit a wide range of vehicles. While most commonly used in motorsport applications, Yokohama uses the most cutting-edge tire technology in each and every one of their models.

As one of the best tire brands leading the way in innovation, Yokohama specializes in creating long-lasting tread profiles to reduce rolling resistance, provide better fuel economy, and extend tread life. Additionally, each model is built with pitch tread pattern technology so drivers can experience a smooth, quiet ride.

See more about Yokohama on their YouTube channel!

Owing to the design versatility and durable construction, Yokohama tires are found on motorsport and racing vehicles, luxury cars, and everyday commuting vehicles. Tires Easy’s catalog carries a huge number of Yokohama tires for the following categories:

  • Passenger
  • Truck/SUV
  • Commercial Truck

Here are some of Yokohama’s leading models.

All-season: Yokohama AVID Touring-S

As one of the leading tire manufacturers in the industry, Yokohama pulled out the stops on producing this dependable all-season model.

The design of this tire combines smooth handling, unbeatable durability, and optimal traction year round. Perfect for sedans, couples, and minivans, the AVID features intermediate tread blocks and tapered rain channels for extra grip on wet roads.

Moreover, the construction comes with twin steel belts and polyester body piles to ensure a smooth and stable ride.

Highway: Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056

This Yokohama model is designed with durability and long tread life as the core objectives.

Perfect for trucks and SUVs in both day-to-day driving and highway scenarios, this model offers excellent comfort and handling, as well as one of the best mileage warranties on the market!



All-terrain: Yokohama Geolandar A/T

One of the newest additions in the prestigious Geolander family, this model features an aggressive tread pattern with sharp angled tread blocks for added grip on off-road trails. On pavement, this tire offers exceptional handling and long tread life, making it a great balance for drivers who experience multiple road conditions.

The Geolander A/T comes with the Mountain/Snowflake symbol, meaning it is rated for extreme winter conditions.


Sport: Yokohama Parada Spec-X

Designed for muscle cars, performance pickups, and SUVs, this model combines impressive looks, optimal handling capability, and year round traction. The Parada Spec-X was built for North America’s diverse range of weather, including heavy rains and light snow.



Run Flat: Yokohama Avid Envigor ZPS

This run flat model is designed for extra durability and a plethora of advantages at zero pressure. The tread pattern is characterized with a continuous tapered center rib, which is meant to generate a stable, on-center feel.

Additionally, the construction and tread rubber provide excellent water evacuation and wear resistance. Owning to the lower reinforced sidewall, this tire can carry the weight for your vehicle for 50 miles after air loss.


Mud: Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003

As one of the most capable mud tires on the market, this model features smart GEO-SHIELD technologies, as well as strong sidewall armor and sidewall plies that deliver extreme durability and protection during off-road adventures.

Additionally, the unique tread design works to reduce noise when driven on pavement.


Commercial: Yokohama RY023

The RY023 is a fantastic option for numerous RV applications. The semi-rounded shoulder design effectively reduces tearing and step wear, as well as delivers lateral stability and excellent water evacuation.

Please note that this tire is recommended for max speeds of 75 mph.

Before pulling out your money, check the Yokohama reviews on the consumer reports tires section, as well as the ratings. There can be quite a bit of variation among the best tire brands!

Over to You

When you are searching for the top tire brands and figuring out how to choose tires, there are a lot of elements to look for. Most importantly, you need to understand that the best car tires for you might be different than everyone else. It all comes down your individual needs and preferences. Be sure you are looking at the tire brand ratings and comparing the reviews to your list of driving priorities before you make any purchases.

So that’s it for our top 10 best tire brands here at Tires Easy! Hopefully, this post gave you a better idea of how to make the perfect choice.

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