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Every journey begins with a single step. But our favorite kind of journey begins a little differently – with a tire. The kind of tire we require is prepared to cross any landscape, no matter the distance or difficulty.

We couldn’t help but notice being equipped with the proper tire truly makes all the difference out on the road. From bringing your equine friends to a new riding location to hauling numerous types of off-road and biking equipment on a road trip, a trailer is absolutely a necessary component in the equation. Probably the most overlooked aspect of all, however, is having the wheels to get you there.

After a lot of research, we found just the right tire for the job.

Introducing the Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire

The warmer temperatures have begun to set in and we’ve set out to find ways to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible. There is nothing quite like the promise of spring gets us this eager to start each day’s new adventures.

Every trip requires a decent amount of planning beforehand, especially when you are traveling a long distance. Whether your cargo of choice includes horses, mountain bikes, or four-wheelers, make sure you plan to use the right equipment to haul them cross-country.

Carlisle’s Radial Trail RH is equipped with both DuraTrailTM and HeatShieldTM technologies to handle all terrains you encounter with your trailer, and resists heat buildup allowing for longer tire life. The variable pitch design also increases fuel efficiency while decreasing road noise.

The Carlisle branded radial trailer tire is the newest, best-in-class model, and comes in 15 different sizes. The Carlisle catalog boasts their latest construction, which offers industry leading performance for endurance, tread wear and heat resistance suited for the most difficult of environments.

There is no doubt The Radial Trail RH tire will get you and your equipment wherever you want to go safely.

The real question now stands: where will you go?

Here’s a short list of some of the most popular destinations for boating, horsing around, and RV living across the U.S. Let’s giddy up and get started!

Trail Riding

It comes as no surprise the Pacific Northwest is listed as one of the most popular riding destinations of all. A little more digging revealed Oregon in particular is a fan favorite for many equestrian enthusiasts. The Tryon Creek State Park trails are especially enticing. Not too far outside the bustling hub of Portland and an easy terrain to cross, the horse trails in this park are well-populated throughout the year and offer incomparable scenic views.


If you’re planning the ultimate boating trip as your next outdoor adventure, look no further than Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada along the state lines of California and Nevada. The second deepest lake in the U.S., Lake Tahoe is home to a vast array of wildlife and attracts tourists from all over the country during the temperate summer months. Lake Tahoe can be reached directly by car, which makes it perfect for a long-distance boat trips. The landscape surrounding the lake is also the perfect location for wilderness camping, hiking, and mountain biking. The most famous of the trails surrounding the lake is the Tahoe Rim Trail – a staggering 165-mile long trek.

Another great option for the avid boater and fisherman is the annual American Bass Anglers tour, which hosts competitions in a variety of locations across the U.S. The Radial Trail RH tire was the official trailer tire of the 2012 American Bass Anglers tour, and the Carlisle brand continues to serve as an official tour sponsor.

RV Living

Depending on your idea of ‘life on the road,’ RV parks offer different levels of amenities in terms of cleanliness and convenience. We decided to look at everything in between and determined the ideal RV park location lies in Sautee, Georgia at the Creekwood Cabins and RV Resort. This site offers the best of both worlds: outdoor activities include fishing, hiking, and horseback riding and full accommodations are available for water, sewer, wireless internet and Cable TV. Best of all, your furry companions are welcome year-round!

After all our trip planning and research, we can’t decide which journey to tackle first, but we do know what we’ll be taking along with us! A great choice for your boat, horse, livestock, cargo or towable RV trailer, the Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire features unbeatable performance features will guarantee smooth sailing to wherever you travel next.

We could talk about it all day, but why don’t you see for yourself?

Happy travels!

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