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Bridgestone Just Gave Tires a Facelift

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Bridgestone custom TiresCustomizing your tires on your ride is just one of the possibilities with Bridgestone’s new printing technology announced in January 2012 and showcased at the March 2012 Geneva Auto Show.

The methods used prior to this technology for getting white lettering and ribbon on the tire was through the use of white rubber. Large amounts of rubber need to be used in this process to preserve durability and stop discoloration. This process also adds weight to the tire.

Now, with this revolutionary tire printing technology, Bridgestone has found a way to print anything on a tire, without adding weight. As well, the new technology has qualities to provide durability and stop discoloration.

While the technology is not available for consumer consumption just yet, Bridgestone says it plans to quickly bring printing technology for custom tires to the market.

If you want fancy, custom artwork on your tires, soon you will be able to see your dream come true. If you get tired of the design, Bridgestone says you can remove or change out the graphics over time. The opportunities are really endless and bring customizing your ride to a whole new level.

Soon after the Geneva Autoshow, Sodahead conducted a survey on whether this new aftermarket customization is “Awful or Amazing”. The majority of us think it is pretty cool! 63% said amazing and 37% said awful.

For the 63% who think it’s amazing, Bridgestone is counting on them to buy tires with the ability to customize the “look” of the tire. Time will tell if this new tire technology catches on for the broader audience of auto enthusiasts.

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