cooper discoverer STT Pro Tire

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire – Best Tire for Heavy Loads and Towing

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Most pickup truck owners who frequently tow trailers find the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire to be just the right balance of long-lasting highway driving comfort, rugged looks and off-road traction.  After all, this is Cooper Tire’s most advanced, extreme traction tire. It has their best rubber and tire construction technology. If you like a rugged looking tread, but use your truck every day for your trade, or in your regular highway commute, then this new Cooper tire should fit your needs. For towing, the balance of strength and traction capabilities make it an ideal choice for pulling heavy equipment, utility, or boat trailers.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire for Daily Driving

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tireThe Discoverer STT PRO tire has a distinctive tread design and advanced rubber compound that provides remarkable performance on paved roads. Here are the main features that give you the assurance this tire will last a long time and perform during your daily commute, to and from the job site, while towing, long-distance highway trips or just running errands around town:

  • Grip on wet roads – Silica added to the tread to grip wet highways, slippery boat ramps or flooded city streets.
  • Long mileage – Hard tread compound and 3-2 center rib design ensure lots of rubber in contact with the road surface to reduce wear.
  • Quiet, comfortable ride – Tread blocks are staggered and of various sizes to reduce the creation of harmonic patterns that cause tread whine.

Hard Working Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire for Job Sites and Towing

Highway performance, long tread-life and a quiet and comfortable ride does not come at the expense of off-road traction or the look light truck owners love. The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is tough too. It has the reinforcements to handle heavy loads, and trailers. All this and exceptional traction and performance on the harshest terrains imaginable.

  • Durability–  3-Ply Armor-Tek3 for an extra layer of protection in the casing and under the tread.
  • Resistance to stone drilling – Advanced tread compound and groove protectors between the blocks protect the tire on gravel roads.
  • All-terrain traction –  Side-biters on the shoulder and open grooves for pulling power in sand, mud and snow.
  • Strong 10-ply sidewalls – LT sizes have extra carrying capacity for towing and heavy loads.

With the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire you can tow heavy loads and find out what your vehicle is truly capable of in off-road conditions. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the great tire reviews, and watch the video to hear what Willie from Two Guys Garage had to say about the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire:

Sizes To Fit Your Truck or Jeep

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire is now available in sizes for 15 inch wheels to 22 inch wheels, and up to 37 inches in overall diameter. carries all the sizes of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire at the best possible prices. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices, the ease of ordering and the fast shipping which helped Tires-easy win the 2016 Bizrate Platinum Award for the highest levels of customer service. If you frequently tow equipment for work or play, and want the very best traction and durability, don’t hesitate to check out the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire on

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