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Cooper Rolls Out the New Discoverer True North Tire for Winter

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Winter commuters rejoice! Cooper Tire introduced the Discoverer True North tire just for your daily winter road driving. Cooper tires made sure to implement consumer input and insight throughout the development process—and the result? A winter tire that can tackle the toughest winter roads, providing superior grip on snow and ice, while still providing a smooth, quiet ride.

The Discoverer True North for Cars, Minivans, SUVs/CUVs

Snow, slush, and ice can make you dread driving during winter months, especially when it comes to your daily commute. The Discoverer True North meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s severe snow service rating, earning it a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, which allows you to drive confidently on winter roads. Designed as a tire for regular driving on plowed and treated winter roads, and conditions from slush to black ice, with safety in mind, this tire was designed just for you.  But don’t worry you have that same great traction and smooth quiet ride even on a dry road, AND long wear.

Grip It Good

The unique, winter-focused tire compound of the Discoverer True North contains the highest silica content of any Cooper winter tire. Silica-based compounds allow the tire to stay flexible at lower temperatures, which allows more of the tire to be in contact with the road for better grip and traction during wintry weather. Wide grooves on the outside tread blocks, and in the center of the tire, expel water and slush quickly, while the angled inside treads with high sipe ratios give you stability and grip power, and the capability to maneuver in deep snow and on ice.  Cooper’s Snow Groove technology traps snow in the tread for superior snow-on snow driving.

Cooper Makes Comfort

Cooper tires have won over the hearts of consumers through their high quality, top performing products at affordable prices, with an emphasis on innovative technologies.  A look inside the Discoverer True North tire, you’ll find that the internal construction is made up of a two-ply polyester casing. This feature creates a winning combination for tire durability and a comfortable ride for the driver. The tread area is supported by two wide steel belts and a single-ply nylon reinforcement that gives the tire high-speed capability. Other comfort features include noise-dampening structures on the exterior of the tire.

Tires-easy carries the full line of Cooper tires, including winter tires, all-terrain tires, off road tires and touring tires. Customers continually give Cooper tires great reviews and many are Cooper only households. If you have any questions or need assistance with choosing your tire, please give us a call!


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