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Cooper Tire Introduces 3 New Tires In Their Discoverer AT3 Line

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Cooper Tires introduced three new tire models of their popular Discoverer AT3 truck and SUV tire at the Tire Cologne show this spring. Each new style of the Discoverer AT3 builds off the stellar reputation of the Discoverer AT3 and offers a tire specialized to satisfy the needs of all terrain tire customers.

The new line of Discoverer AT3’s cover light duty truck and SUVs, medium and heavy-duty trucks, and heavy lifted and leveled trucks. The Cooper Team did a great job of incorporating all the award-winning features of the Discovers AT3 and improving on them with the newest tire technologies.

The New All Terrain Tire Super Stars

To say that Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has earned the trust of its consumers is an understatement—especially those who are truck and SUV inclined. Cooper is constantly raising the bar on their mission to give their customers the best product they can design. This year’s new additions are no exception—the new Discoverer AT3 line exudes an unmistakable confidence on the road AND on dirt, gravel, sand or mixed terrain, wet, dry or snow. Get on the road with one of the new Discoverer AT3 tires and we think you will agree!

Cooper Discoverer AT34S is designed for top performance on the daily commute and those weekend excursions. Regardless of the weather or road conditions, the Discoverer AT34S offers some impressive features:

  • Adaptive-Traction TechnologyTM provides traction on any surface; rocky or smooth, wet or dry, hot or cold.
  • Secure GripTM All Terrain Design with 5-rib tread pattern offers greater wet/dry traction while adapting to road conditions
  • 4 Aqua VacTM Channels prevent hydroplaning by quickly evacuating water and slush
  • Durable Tread Technology – Extends paved road wear while preventing road hazard damage while off road
  • Snow Groove Technology – patented saw tooth treads design traps snow for superior traction. Stops 20ft shorter and accelerates 15% faster than the competition.
  • Severe Weather Rated

The AT34S offers best in class 65,000-mile warranty and is available in 37 sizes, from 15- to 20-inch rim diameters.

Cooper AT3-4S


Discoverer AT3LT is for those medium-to-heavy duty pickups you rely on to haul heavy loads, and/or precious cargo. Day in, day out you need your tires to resist the assault from the asphalt. New cut- and chip-resistant compound, stone ejector ledges, are built to withstand cutting, chips and shredding on gravel roads. The Even Wear Arc Technology TM is engineered to balance pressure at the tire-to-road contact area, ensure evenly distributed wear on tread without sacrificing traction off-road.

  • Secure Grip Tread Design– Superior control on wet roads, stopping an average of 10 feet shorter on wet roads
  • Stone Ejection Ledges– remove rocks, stones and debris to prevent drilling
  • Whisper GroovesTM– reduce noise throughout the tire life
  • Rugged Traction Shoulders– handle rock crawling, enhance mud traction and resist punctures and abrasions

The Discoverer AT3LT offers best in class 60,000-mile warranty and is Available in 29 sizes, from 15- to 20-inch rim diameters.


Discoverer AT3XLT has all the features of the Discoverer AT3LT and adds the extra visual appeal for those looking for styling while maintaining superior all-terrain performance. You also get Rugged Traction Shoulders that handle rock crawling, enhance mud traction and resist punctures and abrasions.

The AT3XLT also comes with the 60,000-mile warranty and is available in 21 sizes, from 15- to 20-inch rim diameters.

The age-old proverb of not getting everything that you want doesn’t hold true for Tires-Easy, as we’re able to offer cutting-edge tires from Cooper Tires at prices you cannot beat! Our knowledgeable staff is ready whenever you are as we never “tire” of finding the best fit for your vehicle’s needs!


Cooper Discoverer AT3XLT-LT

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