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Dirt Roads Are Calling And I Mud-st Go

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Do you get a thrill out of spontaneously braving new territory and throwing caution to the wind? Is the call of the open road often too enticing to resist? For those in pursuit of new destinations and exciting experiences, we encourage your bold endeavors – with one caveat.

Every seasoned trailblazer knows the key to a successful trip is being prepared – for anything.

It’s essential to ready yourself for whatever you may encounter while braving the bumpy road ahead. With the proper equipment, nothing will hinder you from reaching your destination. Before embarking on your next grand adventure, make sure you and your vehicle are properly outfitted to embrace the journey (including any bumps along the way).

On the Road Again

Admit it. You feel unstoppable when your truck or SUV effortlessly scales steep inclines, plows aggressively through piles of mud, and gets you through the toughest of terrain. There’s nothing quite like the satisfying feeling you get after an adrenaline-pumping off-roading experience.

Loose dirt, dense mud, and rough roads are no match for the Mud Claw Extreme M/T tires.

Featuring large center lugs, these tires have extreme pulling power through mud and loose dirt. Another notable feature is the reinforced casing, which protects the sidewall from unexpected obstacles such as sharp rocks or loose debris. And for all our friends up north, the staggered shoulder blocks pinned for studs provide improved winter traction during brutal winter weather conditions.

Unique Features

We don’t expect you’ll be spending much time on smooth terrain, but just in case, these tires are exceptionally quiet on the highway, despite their intense tread pattern. The deep tread is also self-cleaning, with convenient stone ejectors to ensure maximum off-road performance. These tires are designed to withstand and prevent stone drilling while maintaining remarkable strength and durability.

Tires-easy customers consistently speak to the unrivaled features of the Mud Claw Extreme M/T Tires:

Bought these tires not knowing what to expect. I drive a Toyota Tacoma TRD 4X4. With that said, these are some great tires. I use these tires daily to go back and forth to work – they’re great [and] not too noisy. Where they really shine is off the paved roads. They get lots of grip in the snow and mud, just work really well driving off the main paved roads. I’ve recommended these tires to all my friends.” – Bret

This model of off-road tires will shine on every kind of terrain – even when they’re covered in mud.

Answering the Call

From the desolate desert plains of Southern California, to the rocky ridges of Moab, Utah, to Georgia’s Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest trials, the greatest off-roading destinations are calling out from coast to coast.

In the spirit of “extreme” adventure, don’t hesitate to answer nature’s call to get out and experience new roads. With the Mud Claw Extreme M/T tires, you’ll feel empowered to undertake even the most daunting of landscapes – and you’ll look good while doing it.

To all the off-roading, thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies looking for their next great adventure, we wish you the roughest of roads ahead, in the best way possible.

What to expect from your new Mud Claw Extreme M/T Tires:

  • Off-road, all-terrain design

  • Superb traction capabilities

  • Large center lugs to boost pulling power

  • Reinforced casing to protect against sharp objects

  • Quiet for highway driving

  • Great quality at low cost

  • Freedom to take on the open road!

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