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Falken Tires is known for its sports tires. Their high performance and off-road tires are recognized for both their quality and their aggressive pricing.

The Falken Tire Corporation is headquartered in Southern California, but the tires are made in Japan. Falken is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, part of a huge Japanese conglomerate. The Falken brand was created in 1983 to become their star performance tire.

Falken arrived in North America two years later in 1985, and in fewer than 25 years, Falken has now become a recognized brand in the United States. Their logo is a familiar sight at motorsport competitions, and in fact, the Falken motorsport campaigns might have been what brought them into the public eye so quickly.

What did Falken do to Enhance its Name Recognition in the Tire Industry?

It might be that the Falken brand name was legitimized rapidly because automobile enthusiasts associated that name with edgy motorsport events. That was a smart marketing move for Falken. The company showed off its ultra high performance tires at tough endurance races.  At monster truck competitions the company displayed its all terrain tires.

Recognition of the brand started with those edgy enthusiasts who gave it their okay and passed it on.

Today, Falken keeps up their sporty image by participating both in the American Le Mans sports car racing series, and in the more down and dirty drift competitions throughout the world.

It is the drifting events that hold the edge today, and a natural for Falken, which was a participant in the early drifting events in Japan, where drifting was invented.

Drifting is a high skilled sport in which drivers race cars that must slide sideways through sharp turns at breakneck speeds, with a controlled skid on their tires. That makes it a perfect venue to show how tough your tires are, because drifting often shreds tires and breaks off chunks of rubber.

If you are looking for a high performance tire or all terrain tires, check out the Falken brand.

You can find them online at tires-easy.com or read reviews at tirestest.com, the independent website reviewed by drivers from around the world.

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