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Cheap High Performance Tires – What to look for & Best Deals

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We have all experienced the situation where we need to put new tires on our vehicle at a time when money is tight.  Even standard tires on a regular economy car will cost $500 or more. If your vehicle is a sporty model, it is probably equipped with tires that have a speed rating of H or greater. H-rated tires are categorized as performance tires, which are typically more expensive than broad-line T-rated tires. On top of the cost of the tires, mounting and balancing will cost an additional $15 to $25/tire.  So while you do need to be realistic about how much new tires will cost,  you also don’t need to overpay for the most premium tires or white glove installation service.  There are plenty of good quality, cheap high performance tires available. These budget friendly options meet or exceed the safety standards for the U.S. and Canada, are appropriate for your driving style and can be installed correctly at a reasonable price.

Cheap High Performance Tires – Best Sellers

To help you feel confident when choosing cheap high performance tires, we have detailed our most popular discount price tires, the benefits of each, as well as any performance trade-off you are likely giving up when you buy this tire over a more expensive premium tire for the same vehicle and application. The featured cheap high performance tires are our best-selling entry level tires with an H-rating or greater.  They are usually one price step ($10 – $20) above our rock bottom cheapest tire in the corresponding size and speed rating.

Achilles ATR Sport and ATR Sport 2 tire : high-performance tires for sports coupes and luxury sedans

cheap performance tiresThe Achilles ATR Sport tire gets excellent reviews by our customers but costs about half as much as the premium brands in the same size. The Achilles ATR Sport and the new Achilles ATR Sport 2 tire have directional tread patterns. The chevron shape of the swept-back grooves is proven to be the most efficient at evacuating water from under the tire in wet conditions. This makes a directional tread pattern very common in the best summer high performance tires. Also, the Achilles ATR Sport tire and ATR Sport 2 tire have tread  blocks of various sizes placed around the tire based on computer modeling of noise levels during product development. Achilles calls the random looking placement and size of the tread blocks dB Silent Technology. This technology reduces the amount of harmonics and noise generated by the tire.  Noise canceling tread patterns like this are another feature in the Achilles ATR Sport tires that is usually reserved for tires at the higher end of the price spectrum. Achilles also positions the ATR Sport tires as using high-quality tread rubber with lower rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance rubber is a feature in better tires that provides the benefit of improved fuel economy.

With these less expensive tires you are likely giving up some high-speed handling and performance driving characteristics.  Higher priced summer tires are likely engineered for maximum performance on super high performance and expensive sports cars like Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW.  On lesser vehicles, the benefits of these higher priced tires, like on-center feel or lightening quick feedback to steering inputs would not be noticeable to the average driver, and therefore very possibly not worth the extra money paid for a premium brand tire.

Achilles tires are made in Indonesia and they have over 25 years of experience making everything from light truck tires to racing slicks.  You can learn more about the Achilles brand, and see their entire line-up of  tire styles on

Falken Ziex ZE-912: All-season high-performance tires for cars and CUVs

Another quality cheap high performance tire that gets good reviews from customers is the Falken ZIEX ZE-912 tire. The Falken ZIEX ZE-912 tire is an all-season tire, meaning it can be used in light snow and freezing temperatures. It has large sipes encasing the tread along with a high volume of circumferential grooves that provide resistance to hydroplaning and enhance wet weather performance.  The ZIEX ZE-912 tire also produces excellent dry performance due to its hybrid-asymmetric pattern.

One of the features in this cheap high performance tire that you don’t usually see in tires at this low a price is the joint-less nylon cap ply. The cap ply is spliced end to end, rather than overlapping. This makes for a more balanced tire since there is not a point on the tire with an overlap of materials which has the potential to create a heavy spot. An evenly balanced tire means a smoother ride. Also, the Falken Ziex ZE-912 tire features a high tension wrap of nylon which helps contain the shape of the tire at high speeds. High tension wraps are not usually found in cheap high performance tires, so another indication that you are getting a high-quality tire for the money.


The performance/price trade-off of the Falken Ziex ZE-912 tire is likely in the area of all-season traction, specifically snow, ice and cold weather grip.  To ensure long tread-life and true four weather grip, tire manufacturers need to have the most advanced tread rubber possible. The higher the concentration of additives like silica in the tread, the better the snow, ice and cold road grip. Unfortunately, these materials are costly, and manufacturers can squeeze out some cost by limiting the use of some of these expensive materials. While the Falken Ziex ZE-912 tire is positioned as a good all-season tire, we suspect that performance in cold winter weather may be an area of compromise in order to keep the tire affordable.

The Falken tire brand is owned by Sumitomo Rubber. This Japanese company is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. They have many years of experience building cheap high performance tires for the exacting standards of vehicle makers, and for the global replacement tire market. Click on this link to read more about good quality value priced Falken Tires.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Cheap High Performance Tires?

If you have read this far, you are likely the type of person that is willing to invest some time in learning about the products you buy and finding the best deal. This makes you the ideal candidate for buying tires online. Armed with the exact size and speed rating, (the information for the original tire size for the vehicle is always listed on the plaque on the inside of the driver’s door), you can easily find the best price and type of tire for your driving needs and budget on We have the lowest prices on the internet, and our tires are much less expensive than the tires stocked at national retailers.  You can order the tires from the comfort of home on, and have the tires shipped to your home, or to the nearest installer.

Cheap high performance tires Search Tool

If you elect to ship your tires to the local installer directly, it is a good idea to alert them to when your tires should be arriving so they are not misplaced.  Almost all general automotive service centers will be happy to perform the installation and have technicians that know the basics of good tire installation.  Nevertheless, you do want to ensure the tires are installed and inflated correctly as this has a big impact on ride comfort and tread life.  Any reputable local business or recognized national tire retail chain should have the equipment to install tires correctly. Alternatively, ask whoever is doing the tire installation how many tire changes they do per day. If more than one or two sets a day, the service location likely has the expertise needed to do a good job installing your tires, without paying an inflated price.

Buying even the cheapest high performance tires means an important outlay of money. For this reason, has added a financing option for any purchase on the website. More information about Affirm tire financing is available on our website, or in our previous blog article: Tire Financing to Reduce Stress on your Budget. When money is tight, financing is still a better option  than trying to save money by purchasing used tires. More information about this can be found in another one of our blog articles: Buy New Tires, Safer & Affordable Alternatives to Used Tires .

One way or another, we want to help you get onto a set of new high performance tires that are safe, reliable and the best possible value for your money. You can use the tire selector on to enter your tire size and find out if there is an Achilles ATR Sport / Achilles Sport 2 tire, or Falken Ziex ZE-912 all-season performance tire that fits your vehicle.

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