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Hankook Tires Spring Promotion Now In Progress

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You might know the Hankook Tires company for their high quality tires. In the tire industry, we value their tires, and we look forward to their annual spring promotion as well.

Hankook supports sports events throughout the world, and their banners are displayed at automobile races, soccer games, and other tournaments across the globe. In the USA and Puerto Rico, Hankook Tire holds a yearly promotion in spring that coincides with the opening of baseball season. It is ongoing right now until the last day of June.

Up to an $80 rebate!

This year’s promotion is called the 2013 Great Catch. Retail consumers can receive up to a $80 rebate after purchasing a set of four (4) qualifying tires after completing and submitting a mail-in rebate application form.

The Hankook ‘2013 Great Catch’ Mail-In Rebate promotion will be available to retail consumers within the United States and Puerto Rico only who purchase four (4) qualifying Hankook tires from April 1, 2013 thru June 30, 2013.

$80 Rebate

Ventus V12 evo K110

Ultra high performance tire that delivers smooth comfort and exceptional control.

$60 Rebate

Ventus S1 noble2

All season tire with both comfort and ultra high performance qualities. This tire comes with a 50,000 mile limited tread-life warranty.

$50 Rebate

Optimo H727

A premium touring All-Season tire with a quiet, comfortable ride. This tire comes with an amazing 100,000 mile limited tread-life warranty, one of the best in the industry.

Dynapro HT RH12

All-Season tire for Light trucks, vans and SUVs with low rolling resistance and longer treadware along with comfort and performance.

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