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When you are buying new tires for your vehicle, you need to know your tire size to begin shopping. On the sidewall of the tire you will find a combination of numbers and letters signifying your tire size.

For example this tire has 225/60 R 16
225 – is the tire section width in millimeters, or how wide the tire is
60 – is the aspect ratio in % (the height of the sidewall divided by the tire’s width)
R – lets you know the tire is a radial tire
16 – is the rim diameter in inches

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Two other important numbers to consider are Load Index and Speed Rating. The recommended ratings are located on the placard on your door jam, or in your glove box.

The Load Index tells you how much weight the tire can carry. For instance this tire has a 98 Load Index which means it has the ability to carry up to 1653 pounds per tire.

The Speed Rating signifies the maximum speed capability of the tire to perform safely. The higher the Speed Rating the better control you will have at higher speeds. This tire has a T Speed Rating, meaning it can be safely drive up to 118 mph, for one hour.

Now that you have your tire size, load index and speed rating, head over to and find your tire today!

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