Inflation: The Easy Way To Save A Billion Gallons of Gasoline Every Year

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Check Your Tire Pressure

And by inflation we don’t mean the rate, we mean the air! The air in your tires that is. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that proper air pressure would help save not only 1,000,000 gallons of gas per year in the USA, but also help prevent 600 deaths and 33,000 injuries.

Going green while saving lives and money, now that’s worth talking about.

Here’s the Problem:

A new survey reports that Americans tend to neglect their tires. Another study reports that the lack of tire care is due to lack of knowledge on proper tire maintenance.

Both surveys conducted by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) conclude the following results:

  • When 600 vehicles were checked, only 17% of the vehicles had 4 properly inflated tires.
  • Of over 1,000 people interviewed by phone, 62% did not know how to identify their correct tire pressure and of those interviewed, only 20% of men and 9% of women we “tire smart”.

So let’s take a minute to quickly become tire smart! Here’s what you need to know about proper tire inflation:

  • Check your tire pressure monthly and before long trips.
  • Use your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure. This can be located on the inside the driver’s side door or in the vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Check your tires when cold, before driving. Otherwise, tires become warm when driven, which increases the tire pressure.

Properly inflated tires helps optimize vehicle safety and improve fuel economy, so be tire smart and save money while being safer on the road.

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