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Introducing the Newest Cooper Tires: What You Need to Know

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At Tires Easy, we like to keep up with all of the latest tire news and trends. When we heard about the new Cooper tires for SUVs, CUVS and cars, we knew we needed to share these great new tire introductions

Cooper Tires has long been one of our most trusted tire brands. Their emphasis on quality with more than a century of experience, earned the Tires Easy stamp of approval a long time ago.

Cooper Tire is always improving and innovating its tire offerings, and the new Evolution Series is proof of its commitment to quality. Also in the new introductions is the new Cooper truck tire, the Discoverer Rugged Trek all-terrain tire, which provides modern-day styling and driving needs with excellent off-road traction.

We want to give you guys the inside scoop on these new all-season Cooper car tires. Take a look to learn what’s changing and what benefits these updated tires will bring to the market.

The Cooper Endeavor AND the Endeavor Plus

The first thing we want to talk about is the new Cooper passenger car tire, the Cooper Endeavor. This is the successor to the popular Cooper Evolution tires. Although the Evolution was a great all-season tire, Cooper wanted to create a new tire that had:

  • Better treadwear materials and designs.
  • Increased wet performance capabilities.
  • Improved dry handling.



Thus, the Cooper Endeavor was created. This new tire features an intuitive contemporary design, as well as updated sizes to fit new vehicle needs. Cooper has also worked to improve the tire’s mileage lifespan and give it an overall performance boost.



The Cooper Endeavor Plus features mostly the same updates as the regular Endeavor. Both all-season Cooper car tires promise:


  • A 65K mileage warranty.
  • New Silica-based tread compounds to improve performance.
  • More comfortable rides and reduced road noise.
  • Evenly distributed grip on the road.
  • A WearSquare Indicator to track lifespan.
  • Fortified designs to boost tread life.

With such strong all-around performance capabilities, we expect to see this tire perform well on with great ride, longer mileages, improved handling, and fuel savings

The Discoverer Rugged Trek

Next, let’s talk about one of the newest Cooper truck tires: the Discoverer Rugged Trek.

Designed for trucks and SUVs that are daily driving vehicles, but are also weekend off-road adventure vehicles, the Discoverer Rugged Trek is starting to garner some pretty stellar reviews. Described by Cooper Tire as “ultimate suburban cruiser,” aka an all-season tire that features an aggressive tread design to take you where you want to go, but that is smooth and comfortable to drive.

We expect to see many truck and SUV drivers turn to the Discoverer Rugged Trek for their daily commutes, road trips, and weekend adventures. This Cooper all-season truck tire features a 60K mile treadwear protection policy, as well as:

  • Aggressive tread designs for a tough look
  • Excellent on-road traction capabilities
  • Two sidewall designs for versatile styling
  • Great dry and wet performance standards

Already getting praise from customers who have driven this new tire in tough conditions this is an excellent new addition to Cooper Discoverer truck tires. Their aggressive look but quiet performance on the road, rugged and durable performance off-road, and excellent in wet weather conditions are the features most often mentioned. . If you’re looking for a tire you can trust to get your truck where it’s going – without loud road noise and excessive bumps – this might be the tire you’ve been looking for.

Cooper Tire’s Shift Toward Consumer Needs

Cooper Tires is listening to their customers’ needs and moving to innovate and update their tires to meet modern expectations. Nowadays, people are looking for a set of standards with the all-season and truck tires they’re purchasing. They want:

  • Multiple size options
  • Safe performance in a variety of conditions
  • Excellent handling and braking capabilities
  • Longer mileage and better fuel economy

Are there things you really want to see in new Cooper car tires, as well as tires from other brands? Let us know!

Find Your Next All-Season Car, CUV, SUV, or Truck Tire with Us

Tires Easy doesn’t just focus on offering the best tires at the best prices. Our goal is to provide you with a stellar tire shopping experience, from start to finish. We carry a large selection of tires, including Cooper Tires, and our website is easy to browse.

Whether you need help finding the right brand, size, or style of tire for your vehicle, we’re here to help. Most of our tires ship for free, and you can feel confident that you’re finding the best prices on the market with our offers.

Additionally, we offer a 45-day return policy for all of our tires, so if you aren’t happy with your selection, we’ll help you make it right.

If you have further questions about the new Cooper Tires products, or if you want to begin your hunt for a different tire, let us know. Send us a message online or give us a call at 1-855-978-6789. We look forward to helping you find the right tire for your vehicle.


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