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Making a Clean Brake: Sustainability in Tire Companies Align with New Trends

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“Sustainability” isn’t just a buzz word anymore – it’s a movement. How is this green movement affecting us? Industries known for creating a lot of waste in the past, such as tire manufacturing, have been turning their wheels trying to come up with viable solutions to save our earth’s resources. Recently, we’ve seen many tire companies wave goodbye to harmful business practices and instead, incorporate environmentally friendly approaches into their core values.

Highlighting Industry Leaders

Have you ever wondered about the impact tires have on the Earth? Maybe after you’ve seen tires heaped in landfills and stockpiles or passed by rubber scraps on the highway, you’ve had concerns about the fate of this waste material. As it turns out, tire manufacturers are pretty concerned too.

It’s no secret that the tire industry has been heavily criticized for the negative impact waste tires have on our environment. But lately, the industry has largely adopted tire recycling initiatives to create innovative waste management solutions and more sustainable products.

These programs have produced numerous environmental benefits and tire producers have since refocused efforts on eliminating waste as well as saving oil and energy.

That’s not the only thing companies are doing to become more sustainable. Below are three big tire giants that have changed the way rubber is sourced and processed across the globe.

Rest assured, when you purchase from these brands, you’re not only buying into a greener tire, but also a greener Earth.

Continental Tires

One company stands out among the early adopters of a sustainable-minded mission in the tire industry. According to Rubber & Plastics News, Continental “is one of 11 leading tire makers on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development that is working to establish an industry standard for the sustainability of natural rubber.”

Continental makes a firm commitment to sustainability, stating “Sustainable management and social responsibility are among our fundamental values. They form the basis of our work, they guide our corporate strategy and they will take us into the future.”

With this commitment driving their mission, Continental has made advances towards natural rubber sourcing in recent years. Indonesia, the source of the rubber used in Continental products, is recognized as the number two natural rubber producer nationwide. To improve upon natural rubber production, Continental is partnering with international aid agency, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) G.m.b.H, to train Indonesian rubber farmers on important sustainability practices.

Continental claims ‘zero tolerance’ for deforestation, land grabbing, and other environmental issues. Their sustainability best practices are guiding them, as well as other tire companies, to adopt more Earth-friendly solutions!

Cooper Tire & Rubber

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company sustainability reporting states that corporate social responsibility (CSR) has played a huge role in their 100-plus-year plus legacy. The company recognizes that increased growth means a larger footprint. And this footprint has a serious impact on the environment.

‘Responsibility the Cooper Way’ means a triple bottom line of planet, people, and products. Their sustainability strategy includes three pillars to which they’re committed: Caring and Connected, Efficient, and Innovative.

How do they back this up?

A recent push towards clean oil at the Cooper plant in Kunshan, China finally secured clean oil usage in tire production at all Cooper-owned plants. That’s impressive.

Additionally, a graph of greenhouse gas emissions shows downward trends in their most recently published 2016 report.

In the local communities where Cooper has major facilities, the company partners with programs supporting safety, education, youth development, and community giving efforts. They strive towards more fuel-efficient tires that not only perform better, but also use alternative materials with minimal environmental impact. Copper Tire & Rubber Co is one of only two tire companies recognized as an Energy Star Partner under U.S. DOE and EPA standards.

As far as we’re concerned, CTR and CSR go hand-in-hand.


Nokian Tyres

The green movement isn’t just isolated to the USA. Another sustainability-minded tire producer In Finland is Nokian Tyres.

It’s clear that sustainability is simply a natural component of Nokian Tyres’ everyday operations. For the past two years, Nokian Tyres has been a member of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) Initiative. Nokian Tyres is deeply committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the UN.

As these three tire giants push the industry towards greener, cleaner tire production practices, stakeholders in the global community will greatly benefit from their commitment to transparency, safety, and mutual care and concern for our world’s limited resources.

Nokian Tyres sustainability goals revolve around five components of sustainability management:

  1. Transparent and comprehensive reporting
  2. Business ethics and compliance with laws and regulations
  3. Responsible purchasing of raw materials, goods, and services
  4. Good corporate citizenship
  5. Active stakeholder engagement

Their most recent sustainability goals came to fruition three years ahead of target.

But they’re not stopping there.

Nokian is putting the green light on working to find more eco-friendly materials to use throughout its manufacturing footprint. Clearly, they’re leading the charge to create added value for people, profits, and the planet.

As these three tire giants make a clean break from outdated, harmful practices and push the industry towards greener, cleaner tire production practices, our Earth will benefit from their mutual care and concern for our world’s limited resources.

Here’s to a future of feel-good purchase decisions knowing the collective green work being done by these companies. Happy Earth Day!

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