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Meet Nexen’s New All-Weather and Ultra-High-Performance Tires

At Tires-easy, we’re always paying attention to the latest and greatest trends in the tire market. Just recently, at the 2021 SEMA Show, we were excited to see that Nexen Tire America Inc. has decided to expand its consumer tire portfolio.

Nexen has announced it is introducing a new ultra-high-performance radial tire, as well as a revolutionary all-weather highway-terrain light truck/SUV tire.

Fortunately for our customers, we’ve got the scoop on these new products. Keep reading to learn more about Nexen and its latest tires. 

About the Brand: Nexen Tires

Nexen Tire Co. has been around for more than seven decades. It began as the first Korean tire company but quickly grew to serve countries across the globe, including the United States.

Their name is a combination of two future-oriented words: next and century. “Nexen” reflects the company’s determination and eagerness to prepare for the future, and their tires continuously meet the needs of tomorrow’s vehicles and roads.

On the hunt for tires that are at the forefront of technology? Nexen is a great brand to check out. Feel free to contact our Tires Easy team to learn more about the brand and its top tires.

A. Nexen’s Two Newest Tires

1. The N’Fera Sport R

This all-weather tire, designed to replace the N’Fera SUR4G, boasts incredible all-around performance. The N’Fera Sport R has 4% more ground contact area, which gives it a vastly improved grip on the road.

Furthermore, the tire features a fine-grade, high-carbon black composition. This, combined with a higher filler loading, achieves faster warm-up times – something that’s coveted while driving on the track and in auto sports.

The N’Fera Sport R is W speed-rated and comes in a range of 13 sizes, covering 15 to 19-inch rim diameters. For more information, or to learn if this Nexen tire is a good fit for your vehicle, contact the Tires-easy team.

2. Rodian HTX2

The next tire we want to talk about, the Roadian HTX2 Highway-Terrain, is a second-generation product from the H/T line. Nexen claims it offers a “plethora” of new and improved features, including enhanced durability and all-weather driving performance.

The 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol indicates that this is a tire you can trust to offer excellent traction in severe winter weather conditions. Additionally, the 70,000-mile tread warranty for P-metric and 50,000-mile tread warranty for LT metric gives you extra peace of mind.

The HTX2 will have 51 different sizes in R, S, T, and H speed ratings. It will also cover 16 to 22-inch rim diameters and have two sidewall design options.

For more information, please reach out to our tire experts. We’ll help you understand the specifics of the Nexen Rodian HTX2 and determine if it’s the tire you need. 

Find the Nexen Tire That’s Right for You

Whether you’re looking for an all-weather tire or a product that can carry you through the heavy winter snows, Nexen has some superb options. These two new tires only add to this brand’s vast selection of high-quality, trusted tires.

If you’re not sure what kind of tire you need or which Nexen Tires product is right for you, contact our team. We know our tires inside and out, and we provide personalized recommendations based on your driving habits, environment, and vehicles.

To learn more about Nexen or their two newest tire products, call 1-855-978-6789. You can also send us a message online. We look forward to working with you on your next tire-buying journey.

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