Mickey Thompson Truck Tires Rebate

Mickey Thompson Truck Tire Rebate Is Here!

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What could be better for the fall mudding, hunting, and off road season than a rebate on tires that give you top performance and styling?  Mickey Thompson has you covered with their latest rebate with some of their top extreme mud tire and a few all terrain tires.  The Mickey Thompson Truck Tire Rebate gives you enough reasons to buy new tires and save $100!

You can save $100 off a set of 4 new Mickey Thompson Tires if you purchase your tires between September 1 and November 15, 2018, and submit your receipt and the proper paperwork to Mickey Thompson before December 15, 2018.  Mickey Thompson will then send you a $100 pre-paid VISA card.  Use the pre-paid VISA for anything you wish!

With these great tire styles included you will get out there with confidence on the road and off, AND look good doing it!

Mickey Thompson tires compatible with the rebate

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Tire


Baja ATZ P3 – With a unique  hybrid all terrain/mud terrain tread pattern gives you the smooth ride you need for your daily driving, and plenty of grip for weekend off road adventures.  The extra wide footprint and sculptured blocks give you great all terrain traction.  The 3 ply sidewall offers enhanced handling and protection from bruises and punctures.  The Baja ATZ P3 has a 45,000 mile warranty.

Baja MTZ p3 –  Is a premium mud terrain tire with proven traction results.  The varied angle tread pattern grabs the road and off road surfaces for stability and enhanced traction.  The high void channels in the tread let mud, and slush move away from the tire quickly and eject rocks and debris.  The 3 ply sidewall offers further stability during handling and protection from punctures. The sidewall biters enhance rock climbing traction and offer cool styling.

Baja  Claw TCC Radial – Mickey Thompson’s ultimate, extreme traction mud terrain tire won’t disappoint! The 23 degree angled tread pattern offers rugged off road performance, and a wide footprint.  The proprietary T6 compounds and the strategically placed sipes give you enhanced grip and handling on wet or snow covered roads.  The unique mud scoops provide fast self-cleaning and the tread and side wall decoupling design allows for flex on any surface.

Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Tire

Deegan 38  – Champion proven mud tire for long life and premium traction are what you can expect with the Deegan 38. The extra deep tread offers ultimate grip and quick evacuation of water and debris.  High tensile 2-ply body cords reduce weight, increase durability and smooth out the ride.  The angled shoulder scallops and sidebiters give you all the traction you could want when climbing off road.

Deegan  38 All Terrain – A great choice in an all terrain tire for tucks and SUV’s to handle any surface you drive on.  The silica-reinforced compounds provide long mileage, cut and chip resistance and the all weather performance.  High tensile 2-ply body cords reduce weight, increase durability and smooth out the ride.  The durability of the Deegan 38 AT is a definite upgrade for your truck or SUV. Check out the long mileage warranty!

Grab your Mickey Thompson truck tire rebate today!  Click here for full details!

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