Muddy Buddies Stick Together

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What are you most looking forward to this summer season? Afternoon cookouts with your buddies, mud bogs, mountain trails or spending time by the water for days on end? If you’re here, chances are off-roading falls somewhere on that list as well.
There’s nothing quite like rolling down the windows, hitting the open road, and venturing out to unexplored spots in your free time. Brad Paisley has the right idea. Let’s get a little mud on the tires.

Here are a few tires that aren’t afraid to kick up a little bit of mud, and won’t break the bank!

Mud Claw Extreme M/T

If you’re looking for a partner in crime to join in on all your extreme expeditions, the Mud Claw Extreme M/T fits the bill.
Perfect for any off-roading you want to do, the Mud Claw offers unparalleled performance at a price you can’t beat. This product line is made up of tire styles fit for light trucks with a focus on off-road and all-terrain tires. Our customers rated this one 5/5 stars and had some awesome things to say:

“So far I’ve put about 1500 miles on the highway and about 200 off-road. Barely any
wear on them and they did great in the mud. I’m very satisfied overall.”

Built to hold up in the toughest off road conditions, the Mud Claw’s chip resistant compound and reinforced casing protect the sidewall from punctures from off-road obstacles. The high void tread design also allows for quick evacuation of mud and water making them highly effective in particularly sticky situations. Not to mention, the large center lugs provide the necessary pulling power to bring you through thick mud and loose dirt.

With extreme mud tire styling that will make you stand out on the roads (or off them), this is a tire that makes YOU look good. Talk about the ultimate adventure partner.

Check out the full feature on YouTube:

Inexpensive Mud Tires Mudclaw Extreme M/T

Achilles Desert Hawk MT & XMT

These tires don’t play games – unless of course, it’s a competition to see who can last the longest surviving the elements, in which case they’d win hands down. Every time. While these tires definitely mean business, they’re not afraid to get their treads dirty.

The Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire is the ultimate off-road partner for an all-out, all-terrain adventure. One look at the seriously aggressive tread pattern tells you that even the toughest terrain imaginable is no match for them. Biting side blocks and wide-open voids between massive central blocks and on the shoulders add superior, 360-degree traction. The unique, 3-block tread pattern provides unmatched stability and bite, whether you’re on dirt, sand, rock, or mud.

The Desert Hawk X-MT also features X-Protection sidewalls that protect against damage from rocks, sticks, or sharp objects. These tire, with their hawk-like intensity, are sure to deliver the most trusted grip, whenever or wherever you need it.

Rated 4.7/5 stars by our customers, we couldn’t agree more with the 100% positive reviews these tires received:

“Great traction, grip, and go. Rough tires that are great for on and off-road. We are very
pleased with both the product and the seller and will be back for future tire needs!”

Check out the full feature on YouTube:



Inexpensive Mud Tires Achilles Desert Hawk MT

Kanati Mud Hog

The Kanati Mud Hog will introduce you to the best of both worlds: highway and off-road capabilities all in one. The Mud Hog will never leave your side – these tires stick it out no matter where the road takes you. Rated 5/5 stars, these tires are winners in every category.

“I love it when I get more than expected from a product. Wanted a mud tire but didn’t
want to pay the money. These tires are fantastic! The road noise is not as bad as
expected and they hug the road much better than the original tires on my Wrangler.
Bonus of free road hazard and free shipping. Perfect!!”

At a price you can’t beat and quality like no other, these are tried and true adventure companions. Designed to pull you through tough terrain, the Mud Hog easily overcomes mud, dirt, and sand on uneven ground. The tread pattern evacuates loose soil quickly to keep you on track. Large, solid tread blocks make these exceptional rock climbers.

The heavy 3-ply construction and anti-chip tread compound provide intense contact and traction on obstacles so getting stranded is not an option. Authentic off-road performers through all conditions, you’ll never have to worry about the Mud Hog being a fair-weather friend. Say hello to your best bud for life (bff).

Check out the full feature on YouTube:

Inexpensive Mud Tires Kanati Mud Hog

RBP Repulsor M/T

The RBP Repulsor M/T tire provides exceptional grip and traction and looks good while doing it. From scaling rocky terrain and conquering muddy back roads, the Repulsor won’t disappoint even the most dedicated off-road enthusiasts. Even on paved roads, this tire shines just as bright. It is surprisingly quiet on the highway and provides great all-season traction, all while maintaining optimum driver comfort. The open, aggressive tread pattern is manufactured using superior grade materials that give this tire durability and protection against flats.

The beefed-up sidewall aesthetics will only enhance your driving experience, serving a dual purpose as a stylish safeguard. These amped up Rolling Big Power tires will eat up any terrain that stands in your path and perform valiantly in rain, snow, mud, and sleet alike. No one will doubt your position as ruler of the road after putting these on your truck or SUV. And after seeing the price on these beauties, your bank account will be just as impressed.

Rated 4.8/5 stars by our customers, the RBP Repulsor M/T is an overall crowd pleaser:

“I’m just impressed all around. Tires balanced nicely, for the price I will only buy these
tires, quality is proving itself day in and day out. Thank you for everything about these
tires and the simplicity of ordering.”

Inexpensive Mud Tires RBP Repulsor M/T

Our love grows deeper, day in and day out. ‘Till death do us part.

So where will you take your mud tires next? Or, maybe a better question is, where will they take you? So where will you take you? Don’t forget to document the details of your crazy off-roading adventures and leave us a review to tell us about the most intense terrain you conquered with your adventure companions. We can’t wait to hear about it.

And on the off chance you do get stuck somewhere, at least you’ll be stuck together. 🙂

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