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Continental Tire Releases Three New Tires for 2019

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Continental Tire announced the release of 3 new tires for 2019. The Continental CrossContact LX25, Continental TerrainContact H/T and Continental VikingContact 7  are the latest tires to join the Continental lineup coming to the market.

Continental CrossContact LX25 Tire

The Continental CrossContact LX25 is an aftermarket replacement tire for the CrossContact LX20, that comes as original equipment on crossovers and mid-size SUV’s. Continental’s latest  technologies such as the Comfort Ride Technology provide a smooth, comfortable ride while preserving top handling. EcoPlus+ Technology prolongs tread life and enhances fuel efficiency, and contributes to shorter stopping distances on wet roads.  The multi angel traction grooves and siping provide grip on snow covered roads, for stability and confidence on winter roads.  T and H ratings will carry a 70,000 mile limited tread wear warranty and V ratings will 65,000 miles. Available in 41 sizes ranging from a 16 to 22-inch rim diameter, look for the CrossContact LX25 to arrive at retail stores late summer 2019.


Continental TerrainContact H/T Tire

The Continental TerrainContact H/T is an all-season, highway tire designed for full size SUV’s and pick up trucks.  TractionPlus+ Technology focused on extreme durability, excellent wet road performance, and a quiet ride. The full depth, interlocking sipes that last through the life of the tire are designed to provide stability and confident braking while carrying heavy loads. The Continental TerrainContact H/T will be available in 34 sizes ranging in 16 to 22-inch rim diameter.  Perfect for your work vehicles to get you to the job confidently in all seasons and perform well under load. Expect to see this tire late summer to early fall.


VikingContact 7 Winter Tire

The Continental VikingContact 7 is a directional winter tire offering superb traction in all winter conditions. Continental’s PolarPlus Technology ensures the tread stays flexible in the toughest winter conditions. Compounds such as the rapeseed oil additive maintain tread flexibility, giving the VikingContact 7 premium grip and braking in both wet and cold road conditions. The multi 3-D siping enhances traction and the diamond shaped tread pattern offers more channels to evacuate water and slush quickly, reducing hydroplaning. With the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol the Viking Contact will handle the toughest winters with ease. Previewed in Canada in early February 2019, the Continental VikingContact 7 will be available in the US Fall of 2019 in sizes ranging from 15 to 20-inch rim diameter.

We carry a full line of Continental Tires and add their new tire introductions as soon as they become available.  Let us help you find your next set of Continental tires today!


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