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Nokian eNtyre 2.0 Premium All Season Tire – Video

Official Youtube Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjSBby6u-OE

The Nokian eNtyre 2.0 is a premium, all-season tire designed to provide the ultimate in safety, comfort, and performance in an environmentally friendly design.

The eNtyre 2.0’s silent sidewall technology eliminates noise and vibration, providing a quiet, smooth ride.  The silent groove design, which are golf ball-like indentations on the tire ribs, provide noise reduction, and reduce air resistance to help cool the tire and reduce wear.

Nokian eNtyre 2.0

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The polished lateral and inside grooves also remove water and slush from between the road and the tire…and accelerate evacuation through the polished main grooves.

Nokian added a comfort base compound below the tread surface specifically to reduce the impact of rough roads, reduce tire heat build-up, and increase fuel efficiency.  The modern silica compound blend, strengthens the stiffness of the tread pattern to boost handling, and deliver confident and spirited cornering.

Nokian only uses non-toxic and non-carcinogenic chemicals in their tires. Their purified, low-aromatic oils used for tire production, have made Nokian the pioneer of environmentally produced tires without sacrificing safety or performance.

The eNtyre 2.0 is a true all-season tire, providing premium performance summer through winter…along with the assurance that you’re promoting an environmentally responsible product.

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