Weekdays are for Ranching: Weekends are for Off-roading

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Your trusty truck gets the job done on the ranch on the weekdays, but on the weekends, it tackles mud and rocks while off-roading. The problem is finding a tire that caters to both a workhorse of a truck, and one that doubles as an off-road toy. Let’s look at how you can go from work to play with the same truck, having fun off-road while easily transitioning back to work.

On the Ranch

Trucks are the workhorse of American vehicles, transporting tools, feed, livestock, horses, and more. This often involves dirt roads or off-roading on your property. This means having tires that can tackle the great outdoors, but also provide a smooth ride on highways when needed, such as when you travel to a true off-roading spot — more on that later.

While there is something to be said for owning multiple tire sets, on this occasion, you may just need a single set: Kanati Mud Hog tires.

off-road truck tiresThe tires feature an aggressive tread for mud, sand, and snow, but are still more than capable of a smooth ride on the roads for when business takes you into town. Christian Hazel, writing for Four Wheeler, found the tires tackled standing water on roads fairly well.

“Naturally, with their 20⁄32-inch-deep tread depth, the Mud Hogs blasted right through with no inkling of hydroplaning. Furthermore, the tread block siping that hampered our attempts at driving like a Hollywood stunt driver aided wet-weather traction, especially during aggressive starts and moderately hard cornering. These tires still don’t like to be manhandled on-road, but you don’t have to worry about spinning off into the bushes during a light sprinkle either.”

Transporting livestock in the rain? With these tires, the transition from ranch to road will be smooth.

As Kevin Blumer wrote, the tires have features that make both pavement and hard-packed dirt easy to traverse. “The shoulder knobs have an alternating pattern that enhances self-cleaning. Between the shoulder knobs lie rock-ejecting ribs. The center knobs are arranged so they self-clean mud and grip loose soil, yet roll smoothly on the street. Every knob is siped, a big factor in the Mud Hog’s prowess over hardpack and pavement.”

And while the tires are more suited for trails than streets, they are quiet enough on the road that you won’t want to bother changing tire sets for trips off the ranch.


When it’s time to put ranching aside and play hard after a week of working hard, your truck will still be able to tackle off-roading in the wilderness. With the Mud Hogs, your truck is already in great shape to tackle rocks, mud, snow, and anything that Mother Nature can throw under it. Street tires simply won’t have enough traction.

However, there’s more to be done if you want to make your truck unstoppable off-road, but a good set of tires, the only part of the vehicle touching the ground, is the right place to start.

off-road truck tires

The Velocity WR078 Trailer Tire is tough and versatile

But if you would prefer to have a smaller vehicle, your truck is more than capable of hauling an ATV and trailer. For the ATV trailer itself, we recommend durable Velocity WR078 trailer tires. They are perfect for not only hauling a horse trailer across the ranch, but for towing an ATV trailer down the highway.

Your weekends can be filled with a different kind of off-roading, more for the thrill of charging through mud, racing up hills in a truck, ATV, quad or side-by-side UTV instead of just the rolling hills and dirt of a ranch or farm.

Your truck isn’t just for dull off-roading on the farm. Bring it off-road for a thrilling weekend in the outdoors, or use it to haul an ATV out and have fun on wilderness trails.

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