register your tires its about safety

Register Your Tires – It’s About Safety

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The tires on your automobile are a miracle of modern science and technology. They’re strong enough to carry you, your loved ones and your vehicle for tens of thousands of miles and they’re soft and pliable enough to give you a comfortable ride.

In rare cases, however, tire manufacturers may find that there was an error or a defect during the manufacturing process that might negatively affect the performance of your tire. Such a defect might trigger a recall.

Recalls are rare, but you certainly want to be notified if there is a discovery that your tire might have been damaged by a defect during the manufacturing process.

How can I make sure I will be contacted if my tire is recalled?

Register your tires. If you register your tires, and there’s a recall or an alert from the manufacturer, you will be notified. U.S. federal law says that manufacturers must contact you by first-class mail if your tires are subject to a recall. Register your tires to make sure they will know where to send that letter, just in case.

How do I register my tires?

You can register your tires by going directly to the manufacturer’s website or you can go here and register any tire for free on our website. You will need some information before getting started, including the date of purchase, the address of your tire dealer and the DOT number for each tire you are registering. By law, your tire registration information can only be used to contact you in the case of a tire recall.

Where do I find the DOT number on my tires?

You will find the DOT number, also know as the tire identification number, on the sidewall of your tire. Every tire has its own number. The DOT number is located on only one side of each tire. It is always just above the rim and preceded by the letters “DOT,” as shown in the photo below.


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