Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus

Scorpions on the Road: Pirelli Launches a New All-Terrain Tire

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As many truck and SUV owners know, finding the right tire to meet both on and off-road needs can be a hassle. You’re often stuck having to compromise the rugged (dare we say aggressive?) look and function of an all-terrain tire to the smooth and quiet ride touring tires offer. After all, rugged and smooth are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

But what if we told you that you could have both?

Well, Pirelli had the same idea.

Introducing the Scorpion All Terrain Plus

After generating over a full year of hype (these tires were originally announced at SEMA 2016), Pirelli Tire North America has officially launched the latest addition to its “Scorpion” product line: The Scorpion All Terrain Plus.

This announcement might come as a surprise for truck and SUV owners, since the name Pirelli is no stronghold in the large/utility car market. Sure, it’s a widely-recognized brand, but Pirelli has long been known as the tire brand of choice for original equipment on the world’s luxury automobiles. They’re looking to change that.

The launch of this new tire line—aimed exclusively at the North American market—makes it the first product line created solely as a replacement line. Pirelli’s focus on the segment comes as a result of the growing share of new vehicle registrations in North America that are SUVs or light trucks—a whopping 60 percent according to Pirelli’s estimates.

To that extent, the Scorpion A/T Plus is aimed to fill a gap for premium offerings in the sport utility tire market, targeting drivers who enjoy a rugged look but spend most of their time driving on-road (with a few off-road excursions every now and then).

It should be noted that this is not the Italian tire manufacturer’s first foray into all-terrain tires. The Scorpion A/T plus is replacing the Scorpion ATR line, which has a much sleeker, smaller look that is reminiscent of a touring tire. The features on the A/T plus line aim to bridge the gap (in both function and aesthetic) where the ATR fell short.

Form, Function, Grit

One of the biggest upgrades that the A/T plus line boasts is the 3-peak mountain snowflake, along with the M+S marking, giving drivers in colder climates the confidence to consider these both all-terrain and all-weather tires. Other standout features include:

Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus

Source: Pirelli.com

New Tread and Sidewall design

The aggressive tread pattern and sidewall not only deliver a great look for trucks and SUVs but also make this a tire that handles surprisingly well both on- and off-road. Despite the rugged look, the tires still perform impressively in the noise and comfort categories.

New Generation Tread Compound:

Optimized for durability, traction and wear, these tires are highly resistant to cutting and chipping. Furthermore, they have excellent snow traction (3-peak snowflake).

Deep Tread Grooves with Conical Stone Ejectors:

For stability and grip in both low-speed, low-grip maneuvering and high-speed, wet pavement scenarios.

Variety of Sizes:

The Pirelli Scorpion A/T Plus tire is currently available in 16, 17, 18 and 20-inch sizes. Examples of planned fitment include the GMC Sierra, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150 and Dodge RAM 1500. The Pirelli Scorpion A/T Plus offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.

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