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Serious Snow Tires: Cooper Weather-Master S/T2

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Cooper Snow Tires Weather-Master S/T2
With Fall and Winter on their way, it’s time to start looking into snow tires if you live or travel through snow covered roads. We are going to start reviewing and featuring snow tires to help consumers find what fits their situation the best when it comes to winter driving conditions.

Today’s featured snow tire is the Cooper Weather-Master T/S2 which is severe weather rated and provides excellent traction on snow and ice. These Cooper snow tires are studdable and come in a wide range of sizes for cars foreign and domestic, old and new.

There is excellent evacuation of slush and water from the high traction tread design balanced with a smooth, quiet ride. The patented “snow groove” design technology helps enhance the snow traction technology by providing biting edges and pushing snow out to the outer grooves, without reducing the stiffness of the tire’s tread.

If you want to know what other drivers of this tire think, check out these reviews of the Cooper snow tires Weather-Master S/T2 before you buy your new snow tires.

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