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The Key to Nokian Tires Success: The Fantastic Four

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The self-proclaimed “northern-born master of extreme conditions” and innovative tire manufacturer, Nokian Tires, manufactures products with 120 impressive years of industry experience to guide them. Most commonly acknowledged for introducing the world’s first winter tire, Nokian Tires has evolved into so much more than solely a winter tire manufacturer. Nokian now produces all-season & all-weather tires, truck tires & long-lasting SUV tires ranging from studded to non-studded varieties.

Nokian Tires views the driving experience as “a beautiful journey” and seeks to provide premium performance and peace of mind to consumers. These qualities are exemplified through their dual effort to provide sustainably minded products and maintain a high level of transparency in the process. Nokian tires are created for demanding conditions in a world simultaneously demanding authenticity and commitment to quality.

Unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to quality characterizes all product offerings from Nokian. These four unique product lines are made up of tire models driving excellence, performance, and handling dimensions across the industry.


The North American tire market was pleasantly surprised by the introduction of the Nokian Tires brand back in 1980. Since then, Nokian has developed a line of tires specifically designed for North American, all-season consumers, called eNTYRE. The name reveals the attempt to create tires that deliver upon not only the highest standards of safety and green technology, but also comfort, performance, and increased fuel economy – thus creating the “entire” package.

Nokian eNTYRE

Key features of the eNTYRE line include:

  • All-season tires
  • Excellent wet/winter grip & stability
  • 3D Sipes
  • Hydroplaning indicator
  • Purified oils
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Cooling edges
  • Polished grooves
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Long tread life

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WRG3 Tire Line

Another line uniquely positioned to serve the North American market, is the WRG3 line of tires. These all-season tires boast several performance enhancing features that make them functional for any vehicle in any weather. Specifically, nanotechnology, canola oil, and expert level winter tire innovation go into the creation of this line. The WRG3 SUV model was created for varied use on sports utility vehicles and provides durability, comfort, and ideal driving response while expertly handling winter road conditions.

The WRG3 line features 3D self-locking siping which supports the whole tire from the center rib and effectively improves wear resistance. Even at high speeds, the 3D sipe feature allows for increased durability, minimized heat generation, and smooth driving on both snowy roads and bare asphalt.

Nokian WRG3

Key features of the WRG3 line include:

  • Excellent handling in winter conditions, sure grip
  • Easy control at high speeds
  • Fuel efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Severe service emblem or mountain snowflake symbol designation rated for use in severe winter conditions
  • Polished grooves
  • Purified oils

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Rotiiva Tire Line

For better steering, grip, and off-road handling, look no further than Nokian’s Rotiiva line. Circumferential Grooves improve lateral grip and maximize fuel-efficient rolling while Groove Lifts improve precision and feel when cornering. Staggered Lateral Grooves remove water and slush and maximize grip and handling because of their strategic placement on the shoulders and center section.

Consisting of a range of premium SUV, van, and pick-up truck tires, the Nokian Rotiiva line meets the demands of city delivery, or industrial and commercial service with the C Line Cargo and C Line Van tires. Other tire models within this line are the Rotiiva AT (All Terrain) and HT.

Nokian Rotiiva

Key features of the Rotiiva line include:

  • Stability and performance on and off-road
  • Aggressive, cut-resistant tread pattern for excellent handling
  • Officially approved for winter use
  • Cooling ribs for reduced wear
  • Rock removers
  • Silent groove design and sidewall technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low rolling resistance
  • High modulus tread compound

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zLine Tire Line

Performance. Sport. Power. The zLine tires from Nokian are the champions of stability, precision, and handling. The ultimate summer tire line, zLine tires professionally tackle difficult driving situations amidst varying summer weather conditions. High performance, luxury vehicles demand the level of quality and steering response that characterizes this line, however, performance does not come at the cost of safety.

Driving is effectively stabilized through a tread pattern of Hydro and Surge Grooves, which prevent aquaplaning by clearing water from between the driving surface and the tire. Their “cool performance” and extreme safety measures make them specially designed for powerful cars and ensure the best possible driving experience.

Nokian zLine

Key features of the zLine include:

  • Extreme safety for wet roads
  • Maintains precise handling at high speeds
  • Stable, precise, and quiet
  • Incredibly responsive handling and ride characteristics
  • Effective aquaplaning protection

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Nokian Tires

The key to Nokian’s success can be attributed to multiple factors, the most important being their commitments to uncompromising performance, improved safety, test-winning products, as well as their recent investment in North American manufacturing.

For over a century, Nokian Tires has developed unique tires to address the needs of tire buyers across the globe. Their tires specifically crafted for the North American market feature specially designed tread patterns, which maintain expert handling in all driving conditions. Their multilayered structure and innovative technology increase steering responsiveness and ensure maximum safety measures. Nokian Tires overriding commitments to environmental consciousness and environmentally friendly products and manufacturing sets them apart as leaders in the tire industry.

For the best winter tires, and innovative, high tech summer, all-season, SUV, or Commercial Truck tires, you cannot go wrong with Nokian. Browse our selection of Nokian tires online at Tires-Easy, and experience how easy tire selection can be.

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