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Toyo Tires: About the Brand and Its Top Tires

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Today on the Tires Easy blog, we want to talk about a tire brand known for making high-quality tires for more than 75 years: Toyo Tires.

At Tires-easy we feel it is an honor to work with such a well-known, reputable brand as Toyo Tires. Their unique tire design and advanced technology produce a wide range of tires for any vehicle, which allows us to offer Toyo Tires products that fit customer’s exact driving needs.

Rather than just giving you a list of Toyo Tires reviews, we’ve decided to pair our professional recommendations with a bit of background on the brand. Keep reading to learn what this manufacturer is all about, why their tires are great, and which ones best suit your vehicle.

Who Is Toyo Tires?

Let’s start by covering a bit of Toyo Tires’ history. The brand was born in August of 1945 in Osaka, Japan. Then, in 1966, their American branch, “Toyo Tires USA,” was created.

It was in the 1990s that Toyo Tires really started to make an impression on consumers with the introduction of the “Proxes” tire family. These high-performance, UHP, and competition tires became extremely popular amongst young drivers who wanted that sprinted sports-car handling.

Think you’ve seen the Toyo Tires logo somewhere? In the first of the hit series, The Fast and the Furious, the logo was prominently displayed on the fender of one of the compact sports cars.

The Proxes haven’t been the only defining tires of the brand. In 2003, the Open Country tires (H/T, A/T, and M/T) hit the market. These quickly became supremely popular in trophy truck racing groups. Ask any off-roaders today and they will tell you they are loyal Open Country drivers.

Then, a year later in 2004, Toyo Tires opened its first US-based manufacturing plant in Georgia. This was viewed as a huge commitment to USA production and marketing – a future for the brand in the states.

Today, Toyo Tires are used in motorsports, both on and off the track, and for everyday drivers who want top performance and reliability. They design everything from tires for trucks/SUVs to CUVs, luxury sedans, commercial tires, and more. It is safe to say Toyo Tires has a tire for your vehicle and your specific driving desires.

Popular Toyo Tires Styles

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options Toyo Tires has produced over the years.

Open Country A/T II/III

These Toyo All-Terrain tires are designed for Trucks, SUVs and CUVs. Known for longevity and durability, the Open Country A/T gives you the traction you need in a variety of conditions. That’s why they’re extremely popular with off-roaders who need both day-to-day driving manners, performance and styling, combined with top off road traction to tackle any terrain you want to traverse.

Tire Features:

  • Aggressive sidewalls
  • Open tread blocks
  • Polygonal blocks
  • Zig-zag sipes for extra traction
  • LT & flotations sizes with aggressive pattern

With the Open Country A/T ll or lll, you’ll experience reduced road-noise, long lifespan, and toughness that helps with puncture resistance. Feel equipped to take on dirt, mud, and even some levels of snow.

The cost for the Open Country A/T ll starts at $148/tire, and has a 50-65kmile treadwear warranty depending on the size.

Open Country R/T

The Toyo Rugged-Terrain tires are 4×4 tires that also offer great off-road and on-road performance but are built for that extra durability and rugged terrain in any season. They’re 100 percent American-made, produced in the factory in Georgia. The Open Country R/T handles everything from sand and rock to soft dirt, and winter conditions with ease.

Tire Features:

  • Wide groove shoulders
  • Scalloped shoulder lugs
  • 3-ply polyester casing
  • Optimized patterns for noise reduction
  • Aggressive sidewall design
  • Hard rubber compounds

The Open County R/T is a great choice for your work truck or van, to hold up to the heavy use and loads while still providing a great ride.

The price for the Open Country R/T starts at $187/tire and has a 45k-mile treadwear warranty.

Open Country M/T

The legendary Open Country M/T is one of the tires that let your truck, Jeep or SUV handle the toughest outdoor conditions. Off-road traction doesn’t get better than this! They perform well in all seasons and are surprisingly quiet, and have a good ride for such an aggressive mud tire.

Tire Features:

  • Hight Turn Up , 3 Ply Polyester construction
  • Aggressive Tread Block design
  • Open Shoulder blocks & Over the shoulder tread
  • Superior load capacity

Experience excellent mud traction, as well as safety on a variety of other terrains including snow, gravel, and slick rocks. When you have the Open Country M/T on your vehicle, you can feel secure during your next off-roading expedition.

The price for the Open Country M/T starts at $207/tire.

Open Country C/T

Next up is the Open Country C/T, an all-terrain light truck/van/SUV tire from Toyo Tires with commercial-grade durability and all-season capability. Perfect for work trucks, vans, and SUVs that travel long miles, carry heavy loads, and encounter a variety of weather and road conditions on their journeys.

Tire Features:

  • Dual Angel Shoulder Blocks
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for severe snow conditions
  • Long-mileage capabilities
  • Pinned for studs

You’ll find that these Toyo Tires are designed with a tread compound that resists cuts, chips, and stone drilling and also improves winter weather performance and a long lifespan.

The price for the Open Country C/T starts at $181/tire.

Proxes R888

Looking to push your vehicle’s boundaries on the track or in competitions? Then the Proxes R888 is for you! These DOT competition Toyo Tires are a great choice to provide enhanced control, responsive handling, giving you that edge in wet or dry conditions. Even in extreme conditions, the Proxes R888 is designed to keep your vehicle steady and safe.

Tire Features:

  • Enhanced R-compound for maximized grip
  • Unidirectional V-shaped tread design
  • Semi-slick shoulder for better steering responses
  • Casing that’s optimized for dry performance

As you drive with this tire, you’ll feel an improved performance and excellent braking capabilities. The enhanced compound and continuous center contact increase dry traction, and the stiff bead and wide width increasing cornering capabilities.

The price for the Proxes R888 starts at $152/tire.

Proxes Sport A/S

Made for sporty cars, high-performance sedans, and/or luxury vehicles, this ultra-high-performance, all-season Proxes Sport A/S delivers a spirited driving experience year-round. Special silica compounds provide excellent braking and traction in wet and dry road conditions.

Tire Features:

  • Nano Balance Technology
  • Dynamic Taper Design
  • Improved rib design for more contact pressure
  • Multi-wave sipes
  • Four circumferential grooves

This tire is excellent at evacuating water and slush away from the tire tread, which reduces the risk of hydroplaning substantially. At the same time, its exceptional grip and traction capabilities help protect you and last for a long time.

In terms of Toyo Tires prices, this is one of the more affordable options. The price for the Proxes Sport A/S starts at $96/tire, and is a great value for a tire that delivers so many top-shelf features.

Proxes ST III

The Proxes ST III perfectly balances the dynamic look of sports-car tires and top performance for trucks and SUVs. Designed to handle wet conditions superbly, it can stop up to 6 feet shorter in wet conditions than many all-season tires.

Tire Features:

  • Lightning grooves
  • Directional shoulder blocks
  • Multi-wave sipes
  • Arrowhead tapers

The silica-based tread compound gives drivers an excellent blend of performance, consistent wear, smooth rides, and quiet on the road.

The price for the Proxes ST III starts at $132/tire., and comes with a 40k-mile treadwear warranty.

Celsius & Celsius CUV

If you’re looking for the next generation of Toyo Tires look no further than the Toyo Celsius line. Built with a passenger tire and a specialized CUV/SUV version, these all-weather tires provide more traction than the typical all-season option and a better lifespan than winter tires. The Celsius line delivers a touring tire driving experience giving you that nice quiet ride combined with confidence in any weather condition. Its performance on ice is impressive and makes it a perfect tire for those who don’t want to change tires for winter but still get optimal performance in Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Tire Features:

  • RMA’s Mountain Snow Flake certification
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for severe snow conditions
  • Increased block rigidity
  • Excellent slush evacuation
  • High sipe density on inside tread
  • Lower sipe density on the outside tread

It’s estimated that the Celsius tire can stop up to 14 feet shorter on snow and 8 feet shorter on ice than the typical all-season tire. That’s a huge difference when it comes to potentially being in an accident during bad weather. Be sure to give the Celsius a serious look!

The price for the Toyo Celsius passenger tire starts at $75/tire and the Celsius CUV starts at $120.00/ tire. Both styles come with a 60k-mile treadwear warranty.

In Conclusion

Toyo Tires continue to evolve and expand, bringing new products to the forefront of the tire market and proving their commitment to producing tires consumers rave about. With their products in more than 120 countries around the world, it’s clear Toyo Tires is a manufacturer whose future is bright!

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