Trailer Tires are Different, But They Need Love Too

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trailer tiresThe weekend is upon us an I am certain you are going to do your PART and check your tire pressure, test your alignment, rotate your tires and inspect the tread on your car or truck after all the great advice from this week’s posts. While you are at it, if you have a trailer, you need to inspect these tires as well.

Trailer tires are different than the tires we drive with, they are designed to carry loads and are constructed differently for this reason. Therefor, different maintenance and safety considerations need to be made when dealing with trailer tires.

Make sure to replace your trailer tires every 3-4 years regardless of tread depth or appearance. Trailer tire life cycles are limited by duty cycles and time, they are not made to wear out. If tires look worn before that period, replace them. Inspect for defects, bulges and punctures. Tread depth can be easily checked using the penny method.

One of the largest contributing factors in trailer tire failure is under inflation. Check the tire pressure often and make sure to inflate tires to the maximum inflation as noted on the side wall of the tire. Haul your possessions safely by giving as much care and attention to your trailer tires as you would your vehicle’s tires.

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