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Tires-easy is happy to welcome the specialty tire brand, Greenball Tires, to our line up of quality, discount tires. Greenball Tires has a reputation for building quality, reliable specialty tires to fit a wide range of trailers, golf carts, and lawn & garden vehicles for over 40 years. Greenball prides itself on being dedicated to supplying customers with tires that meet their ever-expanding demands for longevity, reliability and performance. Continued research and development allows them to create innovative tires for specific customer needs. You will find a great selection of Greenball Tires now in stock, and ready to ship to you.

Greenball Tires – Trailer Tire & Lawn and Garden Specialists

Greenball Trailer Tires

Greenball’s trailer tire line is known for being innovative, hard working and reliable. Choose from radial or bias ply trailer tires, all steel construction tires for heavy loads and extra strength, with economical to premium trailer tire models. Greenball’s most popular trailer tires are:

1. Tow-Master ASC

Ultra premium all steel construction trailer tire built specifically for heavy trailers and loads. The enhanced casing gives the tire extra strength and reduces sway. The advanced tread compounds and the tread design provide stability, long wear and low rolling resistance for highway driving. This is an excellent tire for boat, livestock, toy haulers, construction and utility trailers.

2. Tow-Master SS
Designed to handle high heat conditions, this is definitely Greenball’s best selling trailer tire. The specially formulated tire compounds combine with design elements to offer stability, smooth ride and low rolling resistance. Dual steel belts and the double polyester body provide strength and durability. They even re-engineered the inner liner for better air retention. With the 81mph speed rating this is a great tire for heading down the highway.

3. Transmaster ST
Two steel cord belts and strength and stability to this high quality radial trailer tire. Two polyester cord carcass plies keep the tire cool while running down the road. The unique tread design gives you excellent tracking, ensuring the trailer is right behind you at all times. It also provides low rolling resistance for ease on your tow vehicle. The weather resistant compounds resist cracking and UV damage.

4. Tow-Master STR (Special Trailer Radial)
Dual steel belts and reinforced belt edge give the tire strength and durability. The tread design and 5 ribs offer a large footprint on the road reducing sway and providing a smooth ride. Also rated with the M speed rating for up to 81mph, this is another good tire for boats, horse trailers, fifth wheels, travel and cargo trailers.

Greenball Lawn & Garden Tires

5. Ultra Turf
Perfect for lawn and garden vehicles, zero turn mowers and tractors, the Ultra Turf has rounded shoulders for enhanced traction and control on and off the turf. The flatter profile distributes weight across the tire for longer tire life. The tread pattern offers plenty of biting edges but the close proximity prevents damage to turf and paths.

6. Soft Turf
The specially designed tread patter offers maximum traction while the float construction distributes weight to prevent lawn or garden damage and provide a sooth ride. Excellent, reliable tire for riding lawnmowers and Cub Cadets.

7. Greensaver Plus

This extremely popular replacement golf cart tire is designed for use on turf and paved surfaces. The notched center rib provides stability and traction. The wide tread offers you a smooth ride and enhances tire life, and the 4 ply construction offers durability.

8. Greensaver Plus G/T Golf Cart
This is a premium, DOT approved golf cart tire ideal for golf course or paved surfaces. Solid shoulder lugs and 4 ply construction provide control and stability. The tread design offers plenty of traction without damaging turf. Perfect tire for the golf cart you use on the course and then drive on city streets.

9. Greensaver Plus G/T  Radial Golf Cart
This budget friendly , DOT approved goft cart tire is for drivers who want enhanced acceleration, forward traction and steering responsiveness. Easily switch from turf to soft surfaces while maintaining responsive handling. The 4 ply radial construction offers strength and durability.

When you combine the excellent reputation of Greenball tires with their affordability and commitment to customer satisfaction, you cannot go wrong with a Greenball tire. We have highlighted a few of the most popular Greenball Tires in this blog, but you will find a complete line of Greenball Tires on Tires-easy now.

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