Centara Tires

Centara Tires are cheap tires for passenger cars, light trucks, vans, SUVs and trailers. There are all-season and summer tires in their offering, however the most popular tire is the Vanti Winter tire. Centara Tires has marketing and sales offices in North America that source product specifically for the needs of our market and roads.

The Vanti Winter is one of those tires that is perfectly balanced for the conditions of Northern U.S. and Canada.  For example, The Vanti Winter has a directional tread pattern with tread rubber that stays pliable and grippy even on cold dry roads.  This is important because over the course of a regular winter in most parts of North America, the roads are usually cleared. That means dry or icy roads are more common than packed snow. For these conditions the soft rubber, and dense siping (biting edges) in the Vanti Winter is what gives you the grip you need.

For performance you can trust at a low price, consider Centara. Enter your tire size directly into the tire finder on the left, or view the details and sizes available below.

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