Farm King Tires

Farm King tires are owned and operated by ATF tires which is one of India’s most renowned and well respected tire manufacturers.  ATF has many years of experience producing and exporting tires, tubes and tire related accessories. While Farm King tires is one of the leading authorities in Agricultural Tractor tires, they also offer a wide selection of other types of tires.

      Implement tires

      Trailer tires

      Skid Steer and Bob Cat tires

      Forklift tires

      Industrial Tractor tires

      Grader tires

      OTR and Earthmover tires

      Excavator tires

      And truck and light truck tires

All of Farm King’s tractor tires are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and performance in mind.  The tires feature durable rubber compounds and reinforced casings for heavy duty services.  The dozens of different applications require different tread desings to deliver optimium performance, and for this reason, Farm King is experts at bring new and improved designs to market via their in-house R&D department. 

Farm King tractor tires also boast an extensive service life and usability that lends itself to both agricultural activities, as well as on construction sites or pavement. Because Farm King uses a state-of-the-art manufacturing process during the creation of their rubber, your tires will resist wear and tear no matter which surfaces they travel across.

Farm King recognizes the impact tire problems and equipment downtime can have on a business. For this reason, they make the extra to deliver excellent quality, low cost tires. Use the tire selector to check out the Farm King tire options for your equipment or vehicle.

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