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Commercial Trailer Tires for every budget

Commercial Trailer tires have special tread compounds and tread designs to resist irregular wear common on free rolling axles. In long haul trucking operations, the rubber on the trailer tire does not wear out as fast because the trailer does most mileage on the highways, with few sharp turns. While the tread rubber has the potential to last much longer on trailers, after hundreds of thousands of miles, the slow rate of abrasion can cause irregular wear. For this reason, dedicated trailer tires usually come with shallow tread depths, making them less prone to irregular wear.

With less material in the tread, commercial trailer tires are usually comparably cheaper than all position tires or steer tires. Another special feature of Commercial Trailer tires is extra rubber on the sidewall to protect the tire from road hazards and curb damage. Tires-easy has a wide range of trailer tires at all price points to suit your budget.

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