Hankook Tire Spring 2018 Rebate

Hankook Spring 2018 Tire Rebate

Receive up to $100 in rebates on a prepaid VISA when you purchase 4 new qualifying Hankook tires. Offer valid March 5 - April 6, 2018. Rebate must be submitted to Hankook by May 1, 2018 to qualify.  


$100 Rebate $80 Rebate $50 Rebate
 Ventus V12 evo2  Ventus S1 noble 2  Kinergy PT
 Dynapro HP2    Dynapro HT
 Ventus S1 evo 2 SUV    Optimo H727


Search for your tire size, and the Hankook brand. The Hankook Rebate will show for each set of 4 tires. Once you make your purchase, you can submit your rebate at the link below. This is not an instant rebate, you must submit your rebate information to Hankook Tires.

To submit your rebate, please click here.

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