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BKT TR-390 Tires



BKT TR-390
BKT Tires

The BKT TR-390 is an agro-industrial cross-ply tire specifically designed for trailers. This tire features superb flotation capability and improved durability. This comes in “dual bead HD” version that is applicable for use in industrial tractors. This version is also used in transport operations on trailers. There is also “dual bead HD special” that is best for heavy-duty service.

This tire is available in select sizes such as 28LX26 that has a 16-ply rating. The load/speed index of the 28LX26 is 160A6. This means it can transport a maximum load of 4500kg while traveling at 30km/h speed. 

The TR-390 is ideal for road constructions. This features a flat and wide footprint that is perfect for use in orchards, on soft soil and other similar surfaces. This has specially designed tread for lesser ground disturbance. Its deep treads and durable structure provides long tire life.

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