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Bridgestone B380 RFT Tires

Bridgestone B380 RFT
Bridgestone Bridgestone Tires
Bridgestone Tires

The Bridgestone B380 RFT tire is an all-season run-flat tire which comes OE on Toyota Sienna minivans and fits other vans and sedans that take runflat tires. It has good snow, ice and cold road grip. This tire is designed to provide a comfortable ride and long tread-life, while providing extended mobility for a short time in the event that a puncture causes complete air pressure loss.

This tire has Bridgestone Tire Side Support Run-Flat technology. As such, it has a reinforced sidewall design that supports the weight of the vehicle even with loss of air pressure. The thicker sidewalls are made of heat resistant rubber and provide zero pressure mobility for up to 50 miles, so you can get yourself to a garage or safe location to replace the damaged tire. Remember to always replace runflat original equipment tires on your Toyota Sienna or other runflat equipped minivan or car with runflat tires, and ensure your tire pressure monitor system, valve and valve stems are serviced correctly by your tire installer. Please call Tires-easy customer service if you have any questions about runflat tires, or the Bridgestone B380 RFT tire specifically.

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