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Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT Ecopia Tires

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT Ecopia
Bridgestone Bridgestone Tires
Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT (Run-Flat Tire) Ecopia is a high-performance summer tire with asymmetrical tread pattern that highlights large tread block elements on the outside shoulder for dry performance while its inner shoulder is composed of various number of smaller tread elements for better wet weather and snow traction without significantly sacrificing dry performance.
Its CO-CS or Computer Optimized Component System boosts tire performance by optimizing the perfect combination of tread design, casing shape, materials and construction.

Potenza RE050A RFT has lateral grooves for effective evacuation and channelling of water reducing hydroplaning and improving wet traction.

The fuel saver sidewall compound feature of the tire decrease rolling resistance by channelling more energy back to the tire and minimizing heat generation compared to a traditional sidewall while its reinforced sidewall hold up the weight of the vehicle and passenger even with air pressure loss with thicker sidewall, designed for RFT tires made of special heat-resistant rubber.

It has summer tread design that provides steadfast grip and superior handling on wet  or dry roads for driving enthusiasts. Moreover, it has O-bead that enhances uniformity and rice comfort through the use of a single continuous strand of cable in bead construction and its steel belt construction resists punctures and adds durability to the tire.

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