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Regional Steer Tires

Regional steer tires should provide many of the same benefits as a long haul steer tire, but with a solid shoulder to resist wear from frequent turning. Bus, urban and short haul regional trucking typically mean more maneuvering and backing up of the truck into tight lots and loading docks. This sideways scrubbing of the front tire on the road surface can lead to flat spotting and accelerated rates of tread-wear.

For this reason, regional steer tires use harder rubber, and do not have the decoupling groove feature on the shoulder of the tire which is common in line haul steer tires. Typical tread patterns for regional trucking are the General HS tire or the Hankook AH24 tire. Also, the sidewalls of these and other regional steer tires have extra reinforcements and very often come with heavier load rating to protect against damage from curbs or other hazards encountered on city streets and at loading bays.

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