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Continental Extreme Winter Contact Tires

Continental Extreme Winter Contact
Continental Continental Tires
Continental Tires

The Continental Extreme Winter Contact tire is a stud-less winter tire made for outstanding traction and grip on icy and snowy road conditions.

This tire impresses on either wet or dry surfaces even at low temperatures. Other tires’ grip drops along with the temperature because the rubber hardens. The tread rubber of the Continental Extreme Winter Contact stays pli-able even below freezing.   This ensures good braking, cornering or driving performance on cold winter days. 

This tire features compact outside tread blocks that are heavily siped. This provides high void to dispel slush, snow and water.  The center of the contact patch also have traction ridges in grooves with high sipe density. These features make the tire provide excellent dry handling, fast removal of water, outstanding grip and shorter braking distance on snowy or icy roads.

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