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Dynacargo Y131 Tires

Dynacargo Y131
Dynacargo Dynacargo Tires
Dynacargo Tires

The Dynacargo Y131 tire is a heavy duty drive traction tire with a casing construction that gives it added durability off-road. It is a balanced on-off highway tire that is highly resistant to chipping and tread chunking due to hard use in gravel lots and even spinning on rock under load. This is a low cost tire, but durable tire, so it is a popular tire for work where damage is common, like on dump trucks. In addition to good chip and tear protection off-road, the tread rubber is highly resistant to wear caused by frequent turning, and abrasive road surfaces. For off-road traction, the Y131 has a tread depth that is over an inch of rubber which means extra long mileage even when used exclusively on road with high mileage. Another benefit is good traction in snow.  The shoulder blocks are partially open which helps to eject mud and water. All Dynacargo tires are designed for long tread-life and strength, to help owner operators and fleet managers keep their trucks on the road, with as little downtime as possible, and at the lowest operating costs possible.

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