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Falken BI830 Tires

Falken BI830
Falken Falken Tires
Falken Tires

Falken BI830 is a drive position commercial truck tire made for line haul and regional applications.

Tire features:

  • Closed shoulder rib designed for stability in line haul situations.
  • Smart shape case technology ensures consistent tire profile during loaded and unloaded driving conditions, supporting unchanging contact patch for maximum mileage.
  • Advanced stress dispersion technology helps to spread strain evenly across the tire surface for the best wear behavior, maintaining maximum mileage capability under varying loads.
  • Aggressive center block design optimizes traction and rigidity and provides enhanced tread wear.
  • Sipes on the tread blocks improve tire’s gripping ability in wet and wintry weather conditions, promoting more stable driving performance and safety.
  • Longitudinal and lateral grooves help to effectively evacuate water and slush out of the tire’s footprint and reduce the hydroplaning risk.

Best suited for: Commercial trucks.

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