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Falken Espia EP-Z Tires

Falken Espia EP-Z
Falken Falken Tires
Falken Tires

The Falken Espia EPZ tire is an excellent winter performance tire that provides grip on ice and deep snow, as well as on dry cold roads. The canyon sipes are specially designed and coupled with a micro-glass fiber rubber compound to allow this tire to grip  the ice and handle snowy road conditions. This is a non-studded alternative to the traditional winter tire. For wet weather, the tire channels water away from the contact patch to increase hydroplaning resistance thanks to the wide, see-through  circumferential grooves.  The tread pattern offers a wider center ribs to enhance braking on ice, while increasing the contact patch on the road.  Additional traction in snow and ice is optimized through the 3D canyon siping technology, which helps create additional biting edges. The shoulder tread area is designed with wide lateral grooves to grab snow in the harshest conditions.

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