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Firestone FIELD & ROAD R1 Tires

Firestone FIELD & ROAD R1
Firestone Firestone Tires
Firestone Tires

The Firestone Field and Road R-1 tire is a great value in a replacement rear tire for older tractors. It has long 23° tread bars that are typical on vintage tractor tires.  The Firestone Field and Road R-1 boasts a weather resistant tread rubber compound that decreases ozone damage to tires that is common on tractor tires that sit unused for long periods of time.  The Firestone Field and Road R-1 tire also has a low price relative to other speciality vintage tractor tire options.

We have the complete range of the hard to find sizes of vintage tractor tires. See below for the complete list of Field and Road R-1 tires, or enter your size in the tire selector on the left.

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