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General AltiMAX RT43 Tires



General AltiMAX RT43
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The General AltiMAX RT43 is an all-season passenger touring tire that is designed with increased traction and even treadwear monitors. The flat and wide footprint on the RT43 reduces tread stress and in return, it increases the tire’s tread life. The AltiMAX RT43 has a Peak anti-slip design that increases the number of biting edges for better traction on slick roads. The full depth, multi angled sipes remove water and disperses road noise from under the tread, providing a quiet and comfortable ride. The General AltiMAX RT43 comes with visual alignment indicators and replacement tire monitors to let you know if your tire is out of alignment and when it needs to be replaced. The General AltiMax RT43 provides the all-season traction that you are looking for without losing any of the performance.

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