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Greenball HiwayMaster Tires

Greenball HiwayMaster
Greenball Greenball Tires
Greenball Tires

The Greenball HiwayMaster is one of our best selling bias-ply ST tires (Trailer only). It has a simple 5 rib tread pattern that ensures long tread life.  The tire also has a strong bias-ply casing for added protection from road hazards and overloading.

Because these tires are sold in many different markets around the world, Greenball HiwayMaster tires include metric sizes on the sidewall. For example 7.50-16 is identical to an ST205/90D16, and is marked accordingly.

Please call our Customer Service at 1-855-978-6789 from 5am-5pm PST Monday to Friday if you have any questions regarding the markings on your Greenball HiwayMaster tires, or if we can assist you find the right tires for your trailer.

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