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Hankook F19 Tires

Hankook F19
Hankook Hankook Tires
Hankook Tires

Hankook F19 commercial trailer tires offer outstanding lateral stability and long tread-life on regional and line-haul applications.  The tread has symmetric groove angles, which contribute to the tires long tread-life. Even wear is accomplished by the placement of sipes on the shoulder area, while superior wet weather traction is accomplished by the four straight grooves that channel water out from under the tire. The Hankook F19 tire has sizes with a 14-ply construction for high load carrying capacity and extra heat resistance in the event of over-loading.

Get peace of mind knowing your tires are up for the job regardless of road conditions with the Hankook F19 commercial trailer tires. Enter your tire size on the left of the screen to see if there is a Hankook F19 tire that fits your rig and service application.

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