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Hankook TL07 Tires

Hankook TL07
Hankook Hankook Tires
Hankook Tires

The Hankook e3 Wide TL07 tire is a trailer tire designed for long-haul trailer applications. Superior performance and tread wear are accomplished with the nine-rib pattern with a wide tread design to minimize irregular wear with a long tire life. The Hankook Spiral-Coil technology offers both strengthened casing durability and a stabilized footprint throughout the life of the tire.

Hankook gets the name e3 from the design elements, which emphasize energy, economy and environment. The result is improved fuel efficiency by using low rolling resistance technology. Operating costs are reduced with this tire from the longer mileage and the lower fuel costs, making this an excellent choice for fleets.  The Hankook e3 Wide TL07 long-haul trailer tire will deliver even wear, long tread-life and low rolling resistance.

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