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Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires is the eighth largest tire manufacturer in the world. They are a Korean company dedicated to product quality and highly automated production, which has made them a highly respected premium tire brand.  Hankook has been involved in Formula DRIFT for 10 years, and have six drivers including the 2016 Champion Chris Forsberg.  Currently, they have five production facilities located around the world including China, Korea, and Hungary and will soon be manufacturing in Tennessee. The brand is growing quickly thanks to major sport sponsorships, frequent consumer promotions and an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers choosing Hankook tires as original equipment, such as Ford  F150.

Passenger Car Tires

Hankook Tires produces a wide range of passenger car tire styles and sizes for your vehicle, application and driving style. There are high performance tires, long-mileage touring tires, and winter tires. Several tire styles have sizes with run-flat design for extended mobility even after the tire has experienced air loss.

       Hankook Optimo H727 tire : a true all-season tire with a smooth ride, and a 100,000 mile warranty for small compact cars and regular economy sedans. Long mileage and great value.

      Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110 tire  a high performance tire for sporty sedans. One of tires-easy's best sellers thanks to high quality materials, precision manufacturing and the use of several of the patented Hankook Kontrol technologies to help deliver super high levels of precision handling and grip in wet and dry road conditions.

Light Truck Tires

      Hankook Dynapro MT RT03 tire : for durability and grip in extreme off-road conditions.  The massive tread blocks and open channels in the tread evacuate mud, snow, and sand from the tread with ease. Like all Hankook Tires designed for off-road conditions, the Dynapro MT RT03 tires have chip resistant rubbers and reinforcements in the casing to protect the tires from impacts.

      Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10F tire : for SUV drivers that require a blend of highway comfort and handling typical in touring cars, AND the strength and carrying capacity of a light truck tire.  It has a good highway ride, and a tread pattern and rubber compound that can take on gravel roads and trails without worry.

      Hankook Dynapro AS RHO3 tire is designed for SUV and Crossover drivers that rarely, if ever need to drive anywhere but on city streets and paved highway.  All the sizes of the Dynapro AS RH03 tires have a 50,000 mile warranty and a very smooth, quiet ride, similar to a touring tire.

      Hankook Dynapro HP RA23 tire : A sport performance tire for luxury SUVs and Crossovers that has good all-season traction, long tread-wear and sporty handling.  

Hankook Winter Tires

      Hankook Winter I*cept IZ W606 tire : Winter safety for sedans, coupes, and any economy touring car. Excellent grip on cold dry roads and traction on snow and ice, with a full range of sizes.

      Hankook W310 tire: for sports cars and luxury touring sedans with H-rated and V-rated sizes. Same great ice and snow grip but with stiffer sidewalls for more responsive handling on dry cold roads. 

       Hankook i*Pike RW11 tire has a full complement of sizes for SUVs, CUVs, pick-up trucks, and commercial vans. Like the all-season tires designed for light trucks, Hankook's winter tires are reinforced to handle heavier loads.  This tire also has larger tread blocks and wider grooves to handle more mud and slush, particularly in the LT-sizes to ensure more versatility for trucks and utility vehicles that may need light off-road traction in muddy parking lots at the ski hill, or in commercial job sites in the city.

Commercial Over-the-Road Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Tires

     Hankook AL07+ tire : a long haul steer tire, complete with a decoupling groove on the shoulder to resist irregular wear. It comes in low pro and standard 22.5 and 24.5 sizes.

      Hankook DL07 tire : Hankook tire's longest mileage, and lowest cost per mile drive tire. Works great paired with the Hankook AL07+ tire on any long haul rig.

      Hankook AH24 tire : Regional service steer tire that has durable rubber and a casing designed for the rigors of P&D applications.

      Hankook DH06 tire : Regional service drive axle tire.

      Hankook AM06 tire : steer and free rolling axle positions on construction, waste management and dump trucks.

      Hankook DM04 tire : our best selling heavy duty tire drive axle tire for dump trucks and waste management service that gives the traction needed in various terrains. The lines have the extra plies, and load ratings needed, with extra tough rubber and belt reinforcements to resistance damage.

Hankook Tires Product Quality & Value

Hankook spends approximately five percent of their revenue on research & development, with a full 6% of their 14,000 global employees dedicated to improving the performance of their products.  In 2008, Hankook Tires announced their innovations in ‘Kontrol technology’ to improve performance, safety, and comfort of all their products. The ‘K’ signifies ‘kinetic’ for the interaction of the tire with the road while in motion and was a major breakthrough for the up and coming brand.  Hankook's portolio of Kontrol technologies improve handling, driving stability, limit noise and vibrations, and has increased the durability and longevity of the tires. Their K-technologies also ensure that the integrity and material composition of their tires remains in place even after years of usage.

Hankook remains true to their mission to provide high quality products and ensure a great value for every customer. In order to achieve this goal, the K-technologies have to deliver the performance but at an affordable price.  Hankook's highly efficient, highly automated plants, with strict Q&A allow them to provide top qualtiy products at reasonable prices.

Hankook also is committed to helping Disabled American Veterans (DAV).  Thier partnership with DAV and Hankook Heros program helps veterans with access to  receiving the benefits they have earned after thier service.  Full details can be found at Hankook Tire.  

Tires Easy is your destination for Hankook tires.  We have the full range of Hankook tires ready for quick and easy order and delivery anywhere in the United States. Enter your size in the tire finder to see all the options and prices specific to your vehicle.

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