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HiFly Vigorous AT601 Tires

HiFly Vigorous AT601
HiFly HiFly Tires
HiFly Tires

The HiFly Vigorous AT601 tire is an inexpensive all-terrain tire for SUVs, Crossovers and light trucks designed for long tread-life on the highway and grip off-road.  It has a strong casing that is reinforced where needed to resist damage from road hazards or over-loading. It has good treadwear and wet and dry traction, and even some snow traction for the occasional winter storm. The tread pattern is heavily siped for all-season grip. The large tread lugs help to evacuate slush and water quickly and efficiently from under the tire during rain storms and in snow. The tread rubber is hard and durable so you can expect good mileage, and value for the price paid.

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